Redistricting Conference materials from March 31, 2011


We Draw the Lines, the commission's webpage for infomation about Caifornia's FIRST Citizens Redistricting Commission.


Redistricting Conference materials from March 31, 2011


Citizens Redistricting Commission Information Sheet.

The "Redistricting Game" from USC's Annenberg Center


The California Voter Foundation


Center for Governmental Studies' Redistricting Reform Research


National Council of State Legislatures' State Redistricting Commissions Chart.

Statewide Database at Berkeley Law - the Redistricting Database for the State of California


The Rose Institute's Redistricting Reform Research (Claremont McKenna College)


U.S. Census Bureau's 2008 redistricting data prototype.

Designer Districts Report - report on drawing safe districts for incumbents.

Statement from Kathay Feng, Executive Director - 8/11/06 statement of Kathay Feng to the Government Reform Conference Committee.

Commonwealth Club Letter of Support for Redistricting Reform - 7/19/06 coalition letter to the Governor, supporting redistricting reform.

Commonwealth Club Senate Letter of Support for Redistricting Reform - 5/31/06 coalition letter to the Senate, supporting redistricting reform.

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