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Local Redistricting Reform
California Common Cause is leading the way in ending redistricting abuse at the state and local level. In 2008, we ended partisan gerrymandering of state and congressional lines with Proposition 11, a successful ballot initiative which took away politicians' ability to draw lines to benefit themselves and gave it to a bipartisan citizens commission to ensure voters' -- not politicians' -- interests come first. We have successfully enacted similar reforms for fair, impartial, and representative redistricting at the local level -- because democracy matters at all levels of government. California Local Redistricting
In 2016, Common Cause sponsored Senate Bill 1108 (Allen) which, for the first time, authorized all California cities and counties to create independent citizens commissions to redraw district lines, instead of leaving this power to electorally self-interested incumbents. Common Cause has also supported the creation of independent commissions in cities across the state, including San Diego, Oakland, and Sacramento. These commissions are national models for local reform.

Are you interested in fixing local redistricting in your area?
California Common Cause has partnered with McGeorge School of Law to launch the California Local Redistricting Project (CLRP), at This is an excellent place to start learning about local redistricting. The site includes:

  • educational resources about reforming the local redistricting process;
  • a database of every local redistricting reform commission enacted in California; and
  • an ordinance generator so you can create a sample ordinance tailored to the needs of your community.

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