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California Common Cause believes that the most fundamental right granted to a citizen in our democracy is the right to vote and to have that vote counted. While we have successfully expanded a citizen's ability to access and cast a ballot through reforms like Online Voter Registration and Election Day Registration, significant barriers remain.

All citizens should have equal opportunity to register, vote for the candidate of their choice, and ensure their vote is counted. To accomplish this goal, CCC works tirelessly to ensure that reforms are implemented properly. With an eye toward the future, we are constantly developing new ways to broaden California's electorate by making elections free, fair, and accessible for all citizens.

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Latest Research: California Municipal Democracy Index

Many election laws and campaign practices are shaped at the local level, including how people vote for their city officials and the campaign contribution limits for those offices. California Common Cause recently completed a major study of these practices for all 482 cities in California. A summary of the findings of the inaugural Municipal Democracy Index can be found here. The full report may be downloaded here.

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