2016 Ballot Proposition Results

Statewide Measures

Proposition 59—Overturn Citizens United Act - PASSED

The U.S. Supreme Court in 2010 issued the disastrous decision in Citizens United v. FEC allowing corporations and unions to give unlimited amounts of money to support candidates. The act (formerly known as SB 254 -Sen. Ben Allen) addresses this ruling. Key features:

  •  Instructs the state Legislature and Congress to support a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United.
  •  Go to our Prop. 59 page for more information.

Proposition 54—Voters First, Not Special Interests - PASSED

This measure amended the California Constitution to strengthen disclosure requirements for the Legislature. Key features:

  • Requires 72-hour notice in print and the Internet for all bills in the Legislature before a floor vote.
  • Requires audiovisual recordings of all committee hearings, except for closed session proceedings, to be posted on the Internet.
  • Allows individuals to create and share their own recordings of legislative proceedings
  • Go to HoldPoliticiansAccountable.org for more information.

Proposition 53—Stop Attack on Local Control - FAILED

This proposition would have required voters to vote on every decision to raise local infrastructure funds through a bond, even if it’s local construction in another part of the state. That’s a bad idea.

Local Measures

Berkeley: Measure X1 - Berkeley Fair Elections Act - PASSED

This measure established a voluntary public matching funds system in Berkeley. Key features:

  • Candidates must collect at least 30 small-dollar donations between $10 and $50.
  • Local candidates who choose to participate in the Fair Elections program will receive $6 in public funds for every $1 raised in small contributions.
  • Participating candidates may only accept contributions of $50 or less, and may not spend more than $50 of their personal funds on their campaign.
  • Only contributions from Berkeley residents will be matched.

Sacramento: Measure L - Independent Redistricting Commission Act - PASSED

This measure amended the city's charter to establish and independent redistricting commission in the city, modeled off the state commission with the power to redraw district lines every ten years.

Go to our Measure L page for more information.

San Francisco: Proposition T - Restrict Lobbyist Gifts, Campaign Contributions and Bundled Contributions - PASSED

This measure amended current law to impose new requirements on lobbyists seeking to influence city officials.

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