Where We've Won

California Common Cause organizers are leading the charge to build the grassroots support for overturning Citizens United in the state and across the country. Organizers are working to pass local resolutions in cities and schools up and down the state.

Organizers are also working to pass ballot measures in cities where voters can weigh in on whether or not they want to instruct their members of Congress and State representatives to pass an amendment to the constitution to overturn Citizens United. We have led the fight to pass these ballot measures in San Francisco, Richmond and Los Angeles and won - by 75% or higher!

If you'd like to pass a resolution in your area contact either of our organizers: Sylvia Moore at SMoore@commoncause.org (Southern California) or Helen Grieco at HGrieco@commoncause.org (Northern California). 

Here's the list of cities, counties and organizations where we have won.


1.    Point Arena
2.    Arcata
3.    Richmond
4.    Berkeley
5.    Fort Bragg
6.    South Robertson
7.    Marin County
8.    Marina
9.    Los Angeles
10.    Fremont
11.    Oakland
12.    Fairfax
13.    West Hollywood
14.    Santa Cruz
15.    Petaluma
16.    San Francisco
17.    Albany
18.    Davis
19.    Sebastopol
20.    Ojai
21.    Nevada City
22.    Los Altos Hills
23.    Mountain View
24.    Santa Monica
25.    Malibu
26.    Chico
27.    Thousand Oaks
28.    Redlands
29.    Oxnard
30.    Claremont
31.    Campbell
32.    Coachella
33.    Sonoma
34.    San Francisco
35.    Pacific Grove
36.    Napa
37.    San Diego
38.    Fremont
39.    San Jose
40.    Chula Vista
41.    Upland
42.    Long Beach
43.    Pasadena
44.    Encinitas
45.    Lemon Grove
46.    Del Mar
47.    Solana Beach
48.    Willits
49.    Palo Alto City
50.    Ukiah
51.    Claremont
52.    Windsor


1. San Francisco Board of Supervisors
2. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
3. Plumas County Board of Supervisors
4. Ventura County Board of Supervisors
5. Mendocino County
6. Los Angeles County


1. UC Berkeley Student Association
2. UC San Diego Student Association

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