Addressing The Scandal

In May 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 27 (Correa), closing a major nonprofit reporting loophole and ensuring that future campaigns receiving millions from out-of-state special interests will have to disclose their sources.

"Today is a great day for transparency and accountability," stated Sarah Swanbeck, Legislative Affairs Advocate at California Common Cause. "This critical piece of legislation will lift the veil that hides the identity of secret contributors who influence California elections."

SB 27 directly addresses the Arizona Dark Money Scandal. In 2012, two Arizona nonprofit organizations attempted to circumvent California's disclosure regulations and contributed $15 million to campaign committees that opposed Proposition 30 and supported Proposition 32. Thanks to the complaint filed by California Common Cause, the FPPC forced the two groups to disclose their donors and ultimately levied a record fine of $1 million for improperly concealing their campaign contributions.

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