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Over 80% of Americans think money has too much influence in our political campaigns today. We agree with you.

In order to successfully run for public office in California today, candidates must raise exorbitant amounts of money from an elite set of wealthy donors. In 2012, general election candidates for the state senate and state assembly raised on average $745,501 and $492,600, respectively. Meanwhile, only 4 percent of those campaign contributions came from small donors giving $250 or less.

In this broken system, it is no surprise that elected officials prioritize the policy demands of their big donors above those of their constituents.

That’s why we’ve launched our California Citizens Corps Campaign. Citizens and students are coming together from across the state to spread awareness and call for tangible solutions to tackle the increasing influence of money in our state's political system. 

We are organizing calls, emails and letters to our elected officials and a day of action in August 2016 to advance reforms that will allow stronger disclosure and innovations in California. Learn more about how you can get involved below!

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Sign onto our petition today! Join us in demanding that our California democracy serve the public interest.

Pledge Your Support

We know we can’t continue to shed light on dark money and help bring power back to the people without your help. Sign up to join our Corps! You can also help volunteer in one or more of the following ways:

  • Share our petition to my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
  • Send a letter, email and/or call my CA Assemblymember and/or CA Senator at their district office to ask them to take action to get big money out of our elections and democracy.
  • Send a letter, email and/or call my CA Assemblymember and/or CA Senator on the Day of Action in August 2016 (TBD) at the State Capitol to demand stronger disclosure and small donor incentive innovations in California!
  • Contribute to the campaign.

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Contact us if you have questions about the campaign!

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

Tell Congress to fix the court’s bad decision!

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