December 11, 2007: SMG released its report on local television news coverage of the November 2006 general election. Among the key findings, the report finds that only Sacramento Channel 3 News met a minimum of 5 minutes per night of election related coverage leading up to voting day. Additionally, from September 2006 - Election Day in November, the five local broadcasters earned about $32 million in revenues from election related advertising.

June 22, 2007: Success! Members of SMG led a community coalition of 30 nonprofits to lobby the Sacramento City Council to address bridging the digital divide through the letting of a contract to provide WiFi coverage to Sacramento. At our urging, the Sacramento City Council successfully negotiated a contract providing free WiFi at a significant speed, 24 hours a day seven days a week to our community. We are working with the local community foundation and chambers of commerce to provide equipment and training so underserved families can use the Internet for educational, cultural and employment services.

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