Koch Brothers

Honest, credible journalism is the keystone of our democracy. In 2013, this ideal was threatened when billionaire Industrialists David and Charles Koch attempted to purchase the Tribute Co. newspapers.

In 2011 Common Cause introduced a multi-city "Our America" tour with events highlighting the outsized influence of corporate money on our democracy. It began with a focus on Koch Industries. With a combined net worth of $43 billion, Charles and David Koch are collectively the third wealthiest people in the United States. The Kochs fund a juggernaut of elected officials, think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and groups like Americans for Prosperity that advocate for public policies that help advance their business interests, but which harm public health and public safety.

The Koch Brother political agenda has also propagated into the media landscape. In 2013, the billionaire industrialists David and Charles Koch attempted to purchase the Los Angeles Times and other Tribune Co. newspapers. However, with the pressure of California Common Cause and other groups, the Koch Brothers eventually withdrew their efforts to purchase the tribune newspapers.

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