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Open internet thumbnailBecause a vibrant informational ecosystem is critical to self-governance, California Common Cause works to ensure public interest communications policies that connect all Americans to quality news and information.

The proposed Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger would have consolidated considerable gatekeeper authority in the hands of one company, permanently harming the competitive market place for ideas.

Contrary to Comcast’s many public pronouncements, it is clear that the proposed transaction  would have not benefitted the public interest. This transaction would have conferred too much power on one company and would have further jeopardized the competitiveness, diversity, and localism of our already-diminished media ecosystem. Under a consolidated company, Comcast could have reduced the number of newsrooms and the diversity of opinion in investigative journalism, limiting discourse and threatening a cornerstone of our democracy.

California Common Cause stood at the forefront of the movement opposing the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. We helped to lead a broad coalition that urged the Federal Communications Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission to reject the proposal. In April 2015, Comcast withdrew its plan to merge with Time Warner, handing a victory to consumers across the country.

But now Charter is trying to succeed where Comcast failed.

If a Charter-Time Warner Cable merger goes forward, the resulting company and Comcast would control an estimated 90% of all residential high-speed broadband, stifling competition for streaming services, and reduce investment in programming. It's also a recipe for slower upgrades, fewer choices, and higher prices for consumers. This would be a serious threat to Californian's access to open, accessible, and affordable media.

Together, we can help put the brakes on this new threat to Internet freedom!

Stay tuned for more information about hearings and opportunities to take action, and read California Common Cause's brief to the CPUC here.

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