Victory for Proposition T San Francisco

On Nov. 8, 2016, 87% of San Francisco voters approved Proposition T.

Currently, lobbyists can make big travel gifts to elected officials. They can also contribute to candidates and can even bundle contributions to leverage other people’s political donations for their own benefit.
Yes on Prop T
Proposition T will:
•    Ban gifts from lobbyists to the City’s elected officials
•    Prohibit lobbyists from contributing to City officials and candidates they’re registered to lobby
•    Prohibit lobbyists from bundling other people’s contributions and delivering them to City officials and candidates they’re registered to lobby
Did you know?
In 2015, a single lobbyist bundled over $80,000 for just two candidates. By collecting other people’s contributions and delivering them to a campaign, the lobbyist was able to increase his contribution power by 160x.

Compared to what an everyday voter can donate, this lobbyist had an outsized voice in San Francisco politics.
Why Proposition T will be good for San Francisco:
•    Lobbyists shouldn’t be able to use gifts and donations to influence politicians. Lobbyists play an important informational role in our political system. But when they mix gifts with requests for specific policy outcomes, there’s a major risk for corruption.
•    It’s already the law in California. At the state level, lobbyists are already banned from making political contributions to the elected officials and candidates they are registered to lobby – a law that has been upheld in federal court.
•    San Franciscans support greater restrictions. Polling shows the vast majority of San Francisco voters favor a measure like this, and nearly 5,000 people signed a petition in support. Prop T will increase voter confidence in government.

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