Proposition 50

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California Common Cause recommends voting YES on Prop. 50

Proposition 50 is a constitutional amendment that will appear on the June 7, 2016, ballot in California. If approved by voters, Proposition 50 will allow the Senate or Assembly to suspend a legislator without pay – an important response when lawmakers are accused but not yet found guilty of violating the law and breaching the public trust. Proposition 50 was placed on the ballot with overwhelming support from the Legislature.

We’re supporting this measure because we believe Proposition 50 will enhance political accountability and help restore the public’s faith in our representative democracy. That’s why we’ve joined with the League of Women Voters of California and other good government advocates to support Prop. 50.

Please join us to strengthen our democracy by voting YES on Proposition 50 on Tuesday, June 7! 


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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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