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The activities of California Common Cause are currently directed by a 15-member board. Board members are appointed after a competitive selection process by the Board and Chair.

California Common Cause’s business is conducted by its employees under the direction of the Executive Director, and the oversight of the Board of Directors. The board and all California Common Cause employees seek to serve the best interests of democracy in the State of California.

Director Responsibilities, Time Commitment and Meeting Attendance

The full board generally meets a minimum of four times per year. This usually means a time commitment of 5-8 hours per scheduled meeting in either Northern or Southern California, or at other locations as identified in the annual schedule. Additional time to prepare for meetings, study proposals, review information, and complete assignments is also required. Board members should expect to work a minimum of 3 hours per month in committee work, such as campaigning, advocacy, or fundraising for the organization. Board members are not compensated for their service. Due to our non-profit budget, travel and other expenses for board business are covered by individual members and not reimbursed by California Common Cause. Directors should be committed to serve on the board a minimum of one term. More information about California Common Cause’s current directors can be found here.

The California Common Cause Board of Advisors Application includes more information about the position and application instructions.

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