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Other Issues

Common Cause/NY works on a host of other issues in support of open, honest, and accountable government at all levels; including:

Transparency and Accountability of Government

Common Cause/NY is dedicated to making government open and accountable. Common Cause founder John Gardner said "We want public officials to have literally millions of American citizens looking over their shoulders at every move they make." Since we first started "looking over shoulders" in 1970, Common Cause and our activists have been at the forefront of ensuring that government officials are acting in the public interest, not for their own personal benefit or for the benefit of special interests.

Common Cause/NY released a white paper examining the potential for improved performance reporting in New York State. While the paper focused specifically on performance reporting for the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program, it also included a review of current best practices in performance reporting overall. You can read the paper here.

Ethics and Corruption

New York State’s recent record of corrupt elected official is an embarrassment to us all. We fight for strong, clear ethic laws and their vigorous enforcement. We don’t hesitate to call out elected officials for their misconduct or “stretching” of the rules.

Media and Democracy

Increasingly, the media's failure to provide diverse viewpoints and unbiased information is undermining the strength of our democracy. As more corporate conglomerates buy up independent news outlets, fewer voices and perspectives are able to be heard and the less accountable broadcasters are to the public.

Common Cause is working to ensure that the media meet their obligations to serve the public by promoting diversity, accessibility, and accountability among media corporations and the government agencies that regulate the media.