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Voting Rights Act

Congress must act quickly to restore voter protections lost last year when the Supreme Court gutted key sections of the Voting Rights Act.

The new Voting Rights Act, introduced with bipartisan support, will strengthen voting rights in every state. It allows us to better track efforts to obstruct voting and gives us tools to stop them.

Email your representatives today. Tell them to co-sponsor and support the new Voting Rights Act.


For more than a year, we've been spotlighting the assault on democratic values by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its corporate backers. The work is paying off. Major companies including Coca-Cola and Blue Cross Blue Shield have severed their ties to ALEC and its agenda. Help keep the pressure on - sign the petition calling on ALEC's corporate sponsors to join the exodus. Help keep the pressure on - sign the petition calling on ALEC's corporate sponsors to join the exodus!

 Reverse Citizens United

It's time for a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United and end the false doctrine of corporate personhood. Sign the petition to say - only people are people!

 Fix the Filibuster

With more than 100 measures failing to get a vote in the Senate last year due to the filibuster, it's clear that it's time to reform the rules.Email your senators and tell them - fix the filibuster now! And sign our petition to the Senate to fix the filibuster.

 National Popular Vote

Four times in our history, (most recently in 2000) the Electoral College has sent a second-place candidate to the White House. To make sure it doesn't happen again, please sign the petition for National Popular Vote.