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Helen Grieco

hgrieco AT commoncause DOT org

Helen Grieco joined California Common Cause as an organizer in northern California in 2010. She educates Common Cause members on issues, advocacy and organizing tactics, recruits new members and organizes new Common Cause campus and community groups and young professionals, teaches organizing and activism, and runs educational outreach events to address campaign finance reform, government accountability, voting rights/reform, redistricting, media reform, fair elections campaigns, legislation and initiatives.

Helen has two decades of experience as an advocate and spokesperson for social, political and economic justice. She has trained community activists and leaders and is an author and producer of educational media. She was the founder of Our Media Voice, BRAVE People, Defending Ourselves Self-Defense School and SHE Academy. She is also the former executive director of the California National Organization for Women. Helen has a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies and a master’s degree in clinical psychology.