Swing States 2010 Report

2010 Swing State Report


Common Cause and Demos have analyzed election policies in 10 swing states that could disenfranchise voters and impact election results. The report looks at Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio, summarizing each state’s practices, and providing a set of recommendations for improvement.  Dozens of impediments to voting and voter registration were uncovered in this examination of election laws and practices – along with some positive news for voters.  These 10 states are expected to be pivotal in this fall’s battle for control of Congress and were chosen because, historically, closely-contested elections often feature attempts to suppress voter registration and turnout, some of them abetted by archaic state laws and election practices.


Read the national press release here.



We have broken down the report by each swing state. Every press release contains a summary of the report's findings for that state. The fact sheets contain the political outlook, summary of findings and recommended action for the state. The state charts, found at the end of the full report, evaluate the state laws and practices.


AZ Press Release

AZ Fact Sheet

AZ State Chart

CO Press Release

CO Fact Sheet

CO State Chart

IL Press Release

IL Fact Sheet

IL State Chart

KY Press Release

KY Fact Sheet

KY State Chart

LA Press Release

LA Fact Sheet

LA State Chart

MI Press Release

MI Fact Sheet

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MO Press Release

MO Fact Sheet

MO State Chart

NC Press Release

NC Fact Sheet

NC State Chart

NV Press Release

NV Fact Sheet

NV State Chart

OH Press Release

OH Fact Sheet

OH State Chart