Activist Kit 

Common Cause Statement of Support for Lower Manhattan Islamic Center


Below is a statement that Common Cause released concerning the ongoing debate over a Muslim group’s plan to establish a community center near Ground Zero in Manhattan. To add your signature on this open letter for religious tolerance, click here.

Freedom of thought and expression lies at the heart of America. The First Amendment’s guarantees of free speech, press, religion and assembly constitute a national commitment to tolerance of unpopular ideas and those who espouse them.

So attempts like those now underway in New York to block a Muslim group from opening a community center and mosque near the former site of the World Trade Center strike at our most fundamental values. The politicians and commentators leading the fight against the center are stoking a mob mentality that could scarcely be more un-American; they seek to make enemies out of their fellow countrymen.

Beyond that, their activities may actually strengthen the hand of extremists who wish to portray America as anti-Islam and to transform our fight against terrorists who happen to be Muslims into a war against Islam itself.

A diverse and vibrant America, living by its constitutional principles, is among our strongest weapons against the fear and hatred that feeds terrorism. Now is the time to demonstrate to the world the strength of those values, not to run from them. We reject efforts to sway the public by injecting misinformation, fear and stereotyping into our politics.

We’re now in the ninth year of a war with terrorists who have dishonored Islam, the faith for which they claim to be fighting. It’s not surprising that some Americans who lost friends or loved ones on September 11 or in the fighting since then might prefer that this facility be located somewhere more removed from Ground Zero.

But freedom in America belongs to everyone. New York City is home to more than 600,000 Muslims, and 59 of them died in the 9/11 attack. The sacrifices that generations of Americans have made to protect our rights will have been wasted if those rights can be shoved aside because some of us are discomfited by the placement of a community center and mosque.






Bob Edgar, President, Common Cause

Tom Andrews, Win Without War

Rev. Jonathan Barton, General Minister, Virginia Council of Churches

Craig Barnes, Santa Fe, Common Cause national governing board

Heather Booth, Executive Director, Americans for Financial Reform

Rev. Steve Copley, United Methodist Pastor
Becca Doten, Member, Democratic National Committee
Anne Ewing, Philadelphia, PA
Maureen Fiedler, SL, Host of Interfaith Voices on public radio
Joann Fukumoto
Curtis Gans, Director, American University Center for the Study of the American Electorate, Center for Democracy and Election Management
Lt. General (USA, Ret.) Robert G. Gard, Jr.
Ted Glick, author and environmental activist
Jack Gould, Issues Chair, Common Cause Nebraska
Scott Harshbarger, Senior Counsel to the Firm, Proskauer
Laurie Hauber, Law Professor, Vanderbilt University
Charles C. Haynes, Director, Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum (title listed for identification purposes only)
Stephen Heintz, President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Wendell Lindsay, President of Common Cause, Louisiana
Margel Lindzey Highet
Mark C. Johnson, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation
James R. Jones
Susan Liss, Brennan Center for Justice
Amin Mahmoud, The Alliance of Egyptian Americans
Kevin Martin, Executive Director, Peace Action
Donald E. Messer, President Emeritus, Iliff School of Theology
Don Mosley, Atlanta, Ga.
Anne Murphy
Sara R. Nichols
Richard L. Ottinger, Dean Emeritus, Pace Law School; former U.S. Representative
Robert M. Pennoyer, attorney, New York
John Piper, Williamsport, PA
Dr. David W. Randle, President & CEO, UCC WHALE Center
Pat Schroeder, former U.S. Representative

Ronald J. Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Shalom Center, Philadelphia


Arkansas Interfaith Alliance
Defending Dissent Foundation
The Shalom Center


Citizen Signers

Anthony Aalto
Shirley Aaron
Elizabeth Aaronsohn
Greta Abbott
Nancy-Alyce Abbott
Afaf Abdelrahman, on behalf of Embassy Of Oman
Shakeerah Abdul Al Sabuur
Christopher Abells
Mary Louise Abeln
Khadija Abid
Leonard Ablieter
Eva Abramczyk
Dena Abramowitz
Sue Abrams
Colene Abramson
Jaime Abramson
Margie Abualkhail
Conrado Acevedo
Louise Achin-Smith
Bruce Ackerman
Patricia Acks
Dorothy Adala, on behalf of Tvs Management Inc
Anthony Adamczyk
Arturo Adame
Christine Adams
Christopher Adams
Clay Adams
David Adams
John Adams
Judith Adams
Polly Adams
Jesse Clifford Adams, Esq., on behalf of Law Office Of Jesse Clifford Adams
Paul Adams, on behalf of Earth And Sky Architecture
Sue Adams, on behalf of Marketshare Unlimited
Eva Adamyan
Elizabeth Adan
Roger Addor
Richard Adler
Judith Adrian
Maggie Adrian
David Aduddell
Jamey Aebersold
Willy Aenlle
Mona Affinito
Jnae Affonso
Vincent Agamenone
Arvind Agrawal
Tanya Aguilar
Judy Ahern
Anwar Ahmed
Sabiha Ahmed
Albert Ahronheim
Rukayya Ahsan-Mctier
John Aiken
Dianne Aikey
Michael Airhart
Sandra Akacem
Phyllis Akins
Ziyana Al Rawahi
Pauline Alama
Asmae Alaoui
Abbas Alavi
S Alavi
Tony Alberico
John Albertini
Deni Albrecht
Peter Albrecht
Huey Alcaro
John Alden
Gary Alderette
Brigitte Alexander
Dave Alexander
Loren Alexander
Mark Alexander
Matthew Alexander
V. Alexander
Charlotte Alexandre
Artie Alfreds
Bobbie Alicen
Barbara Aliza
Ben Aliza
Aaron Allen
Anne Allen
Aylea Allen
Barbara Allen
David Allen
Delmas And Sarah Allen
Dr. Lawrence Allen
Frizz Allen
Indra Allen
Keegan Allen
Melissa Allen
Michael Allen
Neva Allen
Patricia H Allen
Val Allen
Valerie Allen
Elizabeth Allen, on behalf of Coalition Of Community Organizations
Jjulie Alley
Jim Allison
Beverly Allphin
Edward Allyn
Charles Almack, on behalf of Interior Arch Sd
Maureen Almeida
Kain Alrik
Nellie Al-Saigh, on behalf of Arrahman Foundation
Nebil Al-Shawaf
Harriet Alto
Mary Alvarado
Elson "Al" Alvarez
Julie Amato
Rebecca Amato
Sarina Amato
Melissa Ambrose
Mary Amendola
Sal Amendola
Gene Ammarell
Rolf Amsler
Celeste Anacker
Stephen Anania
Norma Anders
Bette Anderson
Chad Anderson
Charles Anderson
Dave Anderson
Dorothy Anderson
Erin Anderson
James Anderson
James W. Anderson
Joel Anderson
John Anderson
John H Anderson
Katherine Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Martha Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Patricia A. Anderson
Rebecca Anderson
Richard Anderson
Ron Anderson
Seth Anderson
Valerian Anderson
Dae Anderson, on behalf of Utica Community Gardens
David Andrews
Michael Andrews
Bj Andrus
Hazel Angell
J.L. Angell
Joshua Angelus
Michael G Angstreich
Dana & Nelda Anider
Raul Anorve
Marie C. Antal
Jay Anthis
Lisa Anthony
Ashley Antonio
Justine Apfeld
Robert Aponte
James Appleton
Kenneth Appleton
Jorge Arauz
Fidel Arbolaez
Karen Archer Archer
Gerald Arcuri
Angie Arduz
Kelly Arellanes
David Enrique Arias
Rudy Arkin
Rebeca Armendariz
Salme Armijo
Bob Armintor
Ginger Armstrong
Stephanie Armstrong
Judy Arnal
Louis Arnaudo
Melvin Arndt, on behalf of Willowdell Press
Helen Arnold
Dolores Arond
Darwin Aronoff
Al Arroyo
James Arsenault
Pam Arthur
Twyla Arthur
Thomas Artman
Patricia Artz
David Asche
Johanna Ashby
Gw Ashcroft
Matthew Ashmore
Chris Ashton
Dawn Ask Martin
Carrie Asmar-O'Guin
Jan Aszman
Patricia Atencio
Bruce Atkinson
David Atwood
Azmi Audeh
Linda Aun
George Aune
David Austin
Donna Austin
Janice Austin
Marbeth Austin
Marilyn Austin
Patricia Austin-Puccio
Margaret Averett
Robert Avery
Jody Avery-Smith
Ron Avila
Julio Aviles
Styra Avins
Adele Azar-Rucquoi
Asma Azimi
Susan Babbitt
David Bachman
James Bachman
Richard Bachman
Jessie Bacon
Eleanor Bader
Larry W. & Sandra J. Bader
Philip Baer
Joanna Bagatta
Larry Bagget
Jeanne Baggs
Rosette Bagley
Bryan Baier
Saba Baig
Annette Bailey
Harry Bailey
Marcia Bailey
Sharon Bailey
Tiffany Bailey
William Bailey
Helen Pate Bain
Jordan Bain
Russell Bair
Kathleen Baird
Tim Baird
John Baker
Jonathan Baker
Michael Baker
Salena Baker
Stanley Baker
Hardip Bakshi
Priscilla Balch
Beatriz Baldan
Jane Baldwin
Kathi Baldwin
Nathaniel Baldwin
Rolland Baldwin
Patricia Mcrae Baley
Don Ball
Cindi Ballard
Lee Ballard
Phyllis Ballard
Kathy Ballenger
Wanda Ballentine
Darline Balm-Demmel
Michael Balsai
Johanna Balzer
Kathryn Banck
Alan Bandler
Peter Bank
Wesley Banks
Stan Banos
Bob Baratta-Lorton, on behalf of Center For Innovation In Education
Joey Tanner Barbee
Kate Barber
Patricia Barber
Mary Barbezat
Jim Barcellos
Robert Bard
Rev. Bonnie Bardot
Anne Baren
Nancy Barish, on behalf of Nansku
Adam Barkafski
Dwinna Barker
Linda Barker
Marie Barker
Yvonne Barker
Philip Barnes
Pouneh Barnes
Scott Barnes
Candice Barnett
Suzanne Barns
Linda Barone
Alva Barozzi
Alison Barr
Laura Barr
Thomas Barr
Jack Barrett
Robert Barricklow
Candace Barron
Ellen Barron
Michael Barrows
Dave Barry
Marvin Bartel
Faye Bartlett
Vincent Bartolini
Angela Barton
Nada Barzinji
Delphina Bashkow
Raymond Baskerville
Marne Bass, on behalf of Hbt Entertainment
Patti Batchelder
S Batchelor
Guy Bateman
Robyn Bates
Athena Batsios
Cathy Battle
Vernon Batty
Lois Baum
Mark Bax
Mike Bayle
Corrine Bayley
Barbara Bazyn
Marlen Beach
Wendy Beadle-Silberbauer
David Beam
Patandjohn Beam
Linda Bear
Marley Beard
Beryl Beauchamp
Joanne Beaudoin
Nancy Beavers
Verne & Shirley Bechill
Albert Bechtel
Paul Bechtel
Roger Beck
Bert Becker
Gelsomina Becks
Mark Beckwith
Lynn Bedell
Jeffrey Bedrick
Deborah Beebe
Kara Beebee
Margaret Beegle
Margaret Beels
Richard Beery
Ms. Montel Beeson
Richard Bejarano
Dean Bekken
Daniel Belachew
Beverly Belanger
Frank Belcastro
Brad Belden
Ed Beling
Andy Belisle
Harriet Belkin
Catherine Bell
Fred Bell
Sandy Bell
Tony Bell
Nina Bellak
Janet Bellamy
George Bellesheim
Mark Bellusci
Patricia Belt
Evalyn Bemis
Hilarey Benda
Ed Bender
Leslie Bender
Matt Bender
Robert Bender
Michael Benefiel, on behalf of Persuasive Information
Alan Benford
Nancy Bengtson
Elin Bengtson-Leiter
Lee Ellen Benjamin
Randy Benn
Alan Bennett
Carol Bennett
Clifford Bennett
David Bennett
Frank Bennett
James Bennett
Linda Bennett
Nancy Bennett
Caryl Benning
Emily Bens
John Benschoter
Eleanor Beram
Nick Berezansky
Andrew Berg
Thomas Bergdall
Karen Berger
Sandy Berger
Richard Berggren
Diane Bergman
Joan Bergman
Margaret Bergwall
Cady Berkel
Jon Berkeley
Jill Berman
Judith Berman
Lawrence Berman
Marjorie Berman
Stephen Berman
John Bernard
Ric Bernat
Evan Bernstein
Geoffrey Berresford
Robin Berrington
Carl Berry
Denise Berry
Grace Bertalot
Madge Berthelot
Jeanne Bertini
Mark Bertison
Marcia Bertoni
Suzanne And Howard Berwind
Victoria Beschenbossel
Marc Beschler
Suzanne Beshara
George Best
Jerry Best
Will Best
Gene Betit
Michael Bettencourt
Cathy Bettoney
Delphine Beugnot
Abigail Beutler
Blaine Beveridge
Todd Bezold
Sara Bhakti
Diane Bianchi
Fred Bichl
Bettina Bickel
Lisa Bickford
Sasan Bidari
Edward Bielaus
Eloise Bienvenu
Marjorie Bierbrauer
Peggy Bierma
John Biersdorf
Ruth Biersdorf
Lloyd Bierstaker
D. Bietler
John Bigelow
Amy Biggs
David Bigwood
Barbara Bills
Charles Binckley
Gene Binder
Karel Kay Bircher
Allen Birchland
Tommy Birk
Eugene Birmingham
Bob Birss
Sarah Birss
Shirley Birt
John Bisbing
C. Howell Bischoff
Mary Bischoff
Don Bishoff
Linda Bishop
Scott Bishop
Deborah Bissonnette
Deanna Bitetti
Richard Bivins
Anita Bixenstine
Edwin Bixenstine
Nelson Blachman
Angela Black
Cindy Black
Karl Black
Michael Black
Raeann Black
Thomas And Marilyn Blackburn
Joseph Blackman
Leslie Blackman
Lucy Blackman
Martha Blackwell
Pat Blackwell-Marchant
Susan Blain
Peter Blair
Al Blake
William Blanchard
Denise Blancke
Eugene Blank
Sharon Blankenship
Toney Blanks
Vivian Blas
Martin Blasco
Drake Bleiweiss
Mary Blencowe
Patrick Blessing
William Blevins
Chana Bloch
Patricia Blochowiak
Chuck Block
David Block
Mishell Blomenkamp Frazier
John Bloom
Richard Bloom
Jerry Bloomer
Donna Blue
Peter Blue
Karla H. Blum
Michael Blume
Kit Blumenstein
Robert Blumenthal
Joel Blumert
Steven Blunk
Dustin Blythe
Harolynne Bobis
Deanna Boddicker
Linda Bodian
Edwin W Bodine
Thom Boerigter
Fred Boesl
Iver Bogen
Marjorie Boggs
Ronald Bogin
Stephen Bohac
Susan Bohannan
Allison Bohm
Jerry Bohmann
Sharon Boland
Gregoire Bolduc
Cindy Bolenbaugh
Charles Bolin
Kristen Bolomey
Ed Bolton
Sheila Boltz
Kira Bombace
Geoff Bommelaere
Charlene Ellis Bond
Jose Ricardo Bondoc, on behalf of Sfnewsfeed.Us
Emmet Bondurant
Kathryn Boniface
David Bonnell
Patrick Bonner
Joanna Bonnheim
Al Bonowitz
A Bonvouloir
Forest Book, on behalf of F.H.Book Creative
Diana & Darryl Boom
Carroll Boone
Abigail Booraem
Sara Booth
Stephen Booth
Bill Bordfeld
M//M Peter Bordwell
Robert Borg
Karl Borgeson
Mary Ann Borkowski
Chris Borland, on behalf of Borland Educational
Lydia Bornick
Sharine Borslien, on behalf of Blipswerx Productions
Matthew Borus
Howell Bosbyshell
Lynn Bossone
Vic Bostock
William Botch
Marla Bottesch
Shonda Bottke
Lewis Bottomly
Roderic Botts
A. John Bou, Jr.
Douglas Boucher
Tom Boudinet
Sue Boulais
Paula Bourgeois
Jessie Bourke
Sharon Bourke
Jane Bourquin
Mark Bousquet
Philip Bouwsma
Kathleen Bovello
Dane Bowen
John Bowen
Carol Bower
Patty Bowers
Ray Bowers
Bettina Bowers Schwan
Lewis Bowling
Kenneth Bowman
Nels Bowman
Margery& Dallas Bowser
Beatrice Boyajian
Jennifer Boyance
Carol Boyd
Charlene Boydston
John Boyer
Elizabeth Boylan
David Bozek
Marilyn Bozentka
Lorraine Brabham
Richard Brabham
Dorothy Bracey
Neal Bracken
Warren Bradbury
Debra Braddock
Judy Bradford
Doug Bradley
Laura Bradley
Sara Bradshaw
Clare Brady
Irene Brady
Sydney Brady
Dianne Bragg
Cheryl Braginsky
Jennifer Brainerd
Claud Bramblett
Sharon Bramblett
Laura Bramlette
Amy Bramwell
Peter Branch
Karen Brandon
Stephen Branz
Michael A. Bratt
Gretchen Bratvold
Bob Brault
Beth Braun
Susan Braun
Jim Brauner, on behalf of Mjb Communications
Lyndel Brauninger, on behalf of Jefferson Parish Public Schools
David Bravender
Leo Bray
Thomas Brayak
Phyllis Brazee
Roberto Brazy
Eric Bredemeyer
Jack Breglio
Robert Brehaut
Robert Breisch
Cami Brenk
Denise Brennan
James Brennan
John Michael Brennan
Connie Brennand
Jack Bresette-Mills
Mary Bresnan
Celia Bressack
Helen Brethauer-Gay
James Brewer
Molly Brewer
Gary Brick
Alex Brideau Iii
Michael Bridge
Peter Bridge
Paul Bridgewater
Jdarcy Briel
Ruth Briggs
Barbara Brigham
Susan Bright
Alvin Brightbill
Jennifer Bringman
Nancy Brink
Merlin Brinkerhoff
Nancy Brinkerhoff
John Brinkman
Valerie Brinton, on behalf of Sharedfield Healing Arts
Edward Briody
James Brisbay
William Brisolara
Carl Brnhart
E Broadbent
Frank Broadbent
Mikael Broadway
Jeremy Brock
Blaise Brockman
Stephen Brockmann
Allan Brockway
Barbara Broderick
Diana Brodscholl
William Brogden
Dr Bob Brogna
John Brombaugh
Harrison Brome
James Bronk
Kali Bronson
Constance Brookes
Meredith Brookes
Constance Brookes, on behalf of Friends Fiduciary
Barbara Brooks
Barry Brooks
Laura Brooks
Mary Brooks
Maureen Brooks
Rosalind Brooks
Sheila Brooks
Eben Brooks, on behalf of Ebenbrooks.Com
Sister Anne Brotherton
Gloria Broudy
Mikki Broughton
Alex Brown
Bonnie Jean Brown
Craig Brown
Daphne Brown
David Brown
Deb Brown
Dr. Donald W. Brown
George C. Brown
Harold Brown
J. Wesley Brown
Jeanne Brown
Jeff Brown
Judith R. Brown
Juliet Brown
Kevin Brown
Marilyn Brown
Michael Brown
Rev. Dave Brown
Richard Brown
Rose Brown
Ruth Brown
Samuel H. Brown
Sandra Brown
Shirley Brown
Susan Brown
Timothy Brown
Victoria Brown
Susan Browne
Deirdre Brownell
Robert Browning
Susan Brownsberger
Hannes Brueckner
Donald Bruestle
Rob Bruining
O. William Bruins
Aaron Brunette
Steven Brungard
P.F. Bruns
Babette Bruton
Henriette Bruun
Barbara Bryan
Jamie Bryan
John Bryan
Melissa Bryan
Alan Bryant
Elizabeth Bryant
Tom Bryson
Michael Bucci, on behalf of Development Resource Group
Jim Buchanan
David Buck
Helen Buck
Kathleen Buckley
Ed Buckner
Elizabeth Budd
Patricia Budin
Linda Buff
Kevin Buinnell
Bernice Bulgatz
Paul Bulger
Irene Bulgerin
Henrik And Barbara Bull
Larry Bulling
Gayle Bullington, on behalf of Sojourner Publishers
Paul Bumbar
Charles Bunting
Cathy Buonaiuto
John Buonaiuto
Leslie Burby
Robert Burch
Richard Burcham
Laurence Burdick
Shirley Burg
Donald J Burgard
Carole L Burger
Mary Ellen Burgoon
A Janine Burke
Bonnie Margay Burke
Dwight Burke
George Burke
James Burke
Kathleen Burke
Ken Burke
Caleb Burkee
Barbara Burkett
Newton J. Burkett, Jr.
Kerry Burkhardt
Paul Burks
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Gerald Burnett
Antoinette Burnham
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Kathleen Burnham
Steve Burnham
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Donald Burns
Shelley Burns
Nancy Burroughs
Grace Burson
Warren Burstrom
Vic Burton
Mark Burwinkel
Robert Buscaglia
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Katherine Bussey
Mary Alice Butkofsky
Ellen Butkus
Elizabeth Butler
Kathleen Butler
Mary Butler
Rita Butler
James Button
Leo Butzel
Beth Byington
Barbara Byram
Lowell Byrd
Ronald Byrd
Anthony Byrne
Richard Byrne
Marcia Bystrom
Barbara C
Sandra C
Margo Caampbell
Elizabeth Cabell
Susan Cable
Carolyn Caci
Roberta Cade
Anne Cadenasso
Richard Cadigan
Joanne Cadkin
William Cadwallader
Brian Cady
Daniel Cadzow
Nicholas Cafagno
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Christopher Calabro
Antoinette Calavas
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James Caldwell
Marolyn Caldwell
Bill Calhoun
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Thomas Cali
Gloria Callaci
John Callas
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Valorie Calton
Juan Calvillo, on behalf of Juan Calvillo Photography
Carl Camenzind
Denise Cameron
Donald & Frances Cameron
Patrick Cameron
Lynn Camhi
David Camp
Ericka Camp
Bruce Campbell
Janet Campbell
Joanne Campbell
Kathleen Campbell
Kazue Campbell
Larry Campbell
Marilyn Campbell
Oscar Campos
Fidencio Campos, on behalf of Rock River Open Forum
Ali Canada
Trish And Michael Cancilla
Carlos R. Candelaria
Joy Canon
Jim Cantey
Ellen Cantwell
Rosemary Caolo
Myrna Capati
Lea Caplan
Scott Caplan
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Deborah Capwell
Robert/Elizabeth Caraway
Andy Cardenas
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E. Niel Carey
Edward Carey
Jackie Carey
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Marylee Carli
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William Carlin
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Patricia Carlson
Rita Carlson
Vicki Carlson
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Douglas Carlton
Patricia Carlton-Mcqueen
Carl Carnein
Steve & Lynn Carnes
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Robert Caron
James Carpenter
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Rev. Dr. Robert Carpenter
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Amanda Carter
Bill Carter
Deborah Carter
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Cornelio Casaclang
Ursula Casanova
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Danny Castori
Frederick Caswell
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Nancy Chandler, on behalf of Phoenix Farm
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John Chard
Gary Charles
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Norene Chase
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Lyle Chastaine
Barbara Chaudhery
Kim Chaudoir
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Emily Chesley
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Beverly Conway
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Katherine Coventry
Dustin Cowell
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Dennis Cox
Joseph Cox
Mary Cox
Mary J Cox
Paula Cox
John Coyle
Mary Cozad
Phillip J Crabill
George Craciun
Sharon Craft
Penny Cragun
Edward Craig
Frances Craig
Julianne Craig
Mary Kay Craig
Robert Craig
C. Cramer
Dwight Cramer
Marta Cramer
Mary Ann Cramer
Sharon J Crampton
Vicky Crampton
David Cramton
Jaclyn Cranach
Jan Cranch
Lynn Crandall
Donna Crane
Nancy Crane
Eloise Cranke
David Crass, Md
Imani Crawford
Heather Crawley
Walter Creed
Jane Creel
Mark Creighton
Boyd Crick
Pat Crilley
Phillip Cripps
Helen Taylor Crisp
Brayden Criswell
John Criswell
Aaron Crittenden
Dylan Croft
Betsy Crofts
Susannah Crolius Crolius
Chris Cromeans
Donald Cronin
Gary Cronin
Nancy Cronin
Tandy Cronyn
Mary Jane Crooks
Carly Crosby
Lauren Crosby
Tom Crosby
Nancy Crosgrove
David Cross
Rowland Cross
Sue Cross
Tonya Cross
Ian Crosser
Norman Crouter
Carolyn Crow
Robert Crow
Susan Crowle
Corleen Crowley
Lawrence Crowley
Robert Cruder
Cathy Crumley
David Crump
Kenny Crump
Valerie Crump
Carl Crysler
Kermit Cuff
Barbara Culbert
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Carol Fern Culhane
Emmett Culley
Clarence Cullimore Mercer
Richard Culver
Edgar Culverhouse
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Di Cummings
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Juliette Cunico
Kathi Cunningham
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Carolyn Curran
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Amanda Curry
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Colleen Curtis
Laurence Curtis
Susan Curtis
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Dean Cutler
Antonio Cutolo-Ring
Joanna Cutting-Brady
Cigy Cyriac
C F Czajkowski
Shelley Czeizler
Ruthann D
Alfred Dabrowski
Mohammad Yusuf Dadani
Nancy Dahlberg
Jason Dail
Rebecca Dailey
Becky Daiss
Stephen Daitz
Emily Dale
Michele Daley
Frank Dall
Terry Dalsemer
Julia Dalton
Lora Dalton
Patricia Dalton
Nick Dami
Charles Daniel Dance
Linda Danders
Emily Dangel
Kate Daniel
Pamela Daniel
David Daniell
Bill Daniels
David Daniels
Eric Daniels
Joan Daniels
Walt Daniels
Windy Dankoff
Aaron Danneman
Sarah Danner
Linda Danzinger
Ryan Danzinger
Ghada Daoud
Clint Darling
Janice Darling
James Darnell
Caroline Darst
Carroll Dartez
David Darwin
Anita Das
Bonnie Dashew
Mary Daugherty
Randall Daugherty
Marvin Davenport
Robert L Davenport
Barbara Davidson
Chris Davidson
Evan Davidson
Flora Davidson
Jeane Davidson
Jo Ann Davidson
Kristin Davidson
Lynn Davidson
Robert M. Davidson
Nan Davies
Paul Davies
Alena Davis
Angela Davis
Byron Davis
Carla Davis
Cecil Davis
Dale Davis
Deborah Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Galen Davis
Greg Davis
Herbert Davis
Israel Davis
Karen Davis
Linda Davis
Margherita Davis
Martin Davis
Michele Davis
Mollie Davis
Robert Davis
Shirley Davis
Sue Davis
Thomas E. Davis
Trish Davis
Nr Davis, on behalf of Grateful Dread Peace Media
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John Davy
Alan Dawson
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Linda Dawson
Katie Day
Sheri Day
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Sheri De Avila
Edmond De Bie
Julianna De Bruyn Kops
Greta De Jong
Lucie De Jounge
Mark De La Iglesia
Sophia De La Mar
Jerry De Laval
Juan De Marchena
John De Matteo
Stefan De Nood
Paul Deal
Dorothy Dean
Edward Dean
Norma Dean
Sue E. Dean
Florence Deaner
G. Deannuntis
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Laura & Neal Deaton
Henridee Debardeleben
Erika Decarlo
Liar Hello No Mosque Deceived Islamics
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Dorothy Decker
Ila Decker
Norman Decker
Scott Decker
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Dennis Deem
Robert Deferrante
Jane Degraff
Peter Degree
Elizabeth Dehart
Harold Dehart
Joanne Dehart
Sara Dehart
Emily Dehuff
Rachel Deierling
Ruth Dejam
Jan Dekenis
Jezreel Del Rosario
Marguerite Delacoma
Bob Delaney
Rev. James Delange
Barbara Delgiudice
Mark Delich
Josephine Dellaripa
Nancy Delle Femine
Richard Demarest
Mary Demaso
Edgar Demeo
Monica Demertsidis
Ronald Demicheli
Frances Demillion
John Demillion
Amy Demouy
Mark Dempsey
Michael Dempsey
Eileen Demunck
Lisa Deneen
Isabel Denham
Kristi Denham, on behalf of Congregational Church Of Belmont-Ucc
Mr And Mrs James Denison
Joyce Denne
Ray P Denne
Steve Dennis
Roger Denny
Christopher Dent
Ann Denton
Jacinta Denton
John T. Denton
Michael Denton
Karen Deora
Athena Derasmo
Rodney Derbigny
Mary Derengowski
Donna Derewianyk
Penny Derleth
M.L Derousse
Bob Derr
Wayne Derrick
Robert Desimone
Theodore Desmarais
Tina Desmarais, on behalf of Nirvana Farm Llc
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Frank Detrich
Jeremiah Devlin-Ruelle
Ethlynn Dewitt
John Deyoung
Dominick J. Di Noto
Ruth Di Pietro
John Diamond
George Diaz
Marlene Diaz
Richard Dicecio
Jeremy Dicken
Jordan Dickinson
Paul Dickinson
Debby Dieckman
Greg Difiore
Lilian D Dillon
Donald Dimock
Jane Dineen
Amy Dingman
Jane Dingman
Carolyn Dipboye
Larry Dipboye
Cassia Dippo
Sue Dirksen
Patricia Dishman
Frank Distefano
Floy Dittmar
Pam Dix
Penny Dixon Gumm
Richard Doberstein
Richard Doble
Elizabeth Dodd
Dana Dodge
Laura Dodge
Elizabeth Doering
Jonathan Doff
Judy Dolan
Merelyn Dolins
Dr. Peter Dollard
Beverly Doman
Stephen Dominguez
Joe Donahue
Leslee Doner
Beatrice Donis
Kathleen Donkin
Kathe Donlan
Marian Donly
Bruce Donnell
Bill And Tesse Donnelly
Patricia Donnelly
Gloria Donohue
Mary Donovan
Simon Donovan
William Doolan
Christine Doolittle
Raven Dorantes
Roswell Doremus
Daniel Dornbrook
Jane Dornbusch
Leah Dorn-Coaton
Leo Dorr
Phoenix Dort
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Mark Dotson
Andrea Doty
Martha Doty
Elizabeth Doucette
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Alice Dougan
Dianne Douglas
Robert Douglas
Ronald Douglass
Kerry Dowd
Michael Dowell
Deborah Dowling
Holly Dowling
Linda Downs
Patricia Doyle
Joan Dozier
Martha Dragovich
Rick Drain
Angie Drake
Ralph Drake
Sky Dredge
David Dresser
Beth Drewelow
Katharine Dreyfuss
Simeon Dreyfuss
Nancy Drigotas
Mathew Driscoll
Timothy Driscoll
Kent Driskell
Paul Drowns
Jack /Kay Druart
Robert Drysdale
Jeffrey Dubin
Thea Dubow
Laurent Duchesne
Stephen Duck
James Dudek
Georgette Dudum
Larry Duetsch
Ann Duffell
Connor Duffy
Kathy Duke
William Duker
John Dulik
Judith Dumitru
Laura Dumitru
Edward Dunaj
William Dunbar
Jill Duncan
Sylvia Duncan
Mary Jo Duncanson
Dave Dunkak
Rev. Anne Dunlap
Patrick Dunlevy
Matthew Dunn
Patrick Dunn
Richard Dunn
Dennis Dunnum
Jim Duplessis
Marissa Dupont
Ernest Duquet
Ganapati Durgadas
Jerry Durham
Lee Durham
Samuel Durkin
Teresa Durling
Noreen Duszynski
Stephen Dutschke
Michael Dutton, on behalf of Linden Park Publishers Ltd
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Elizabeth Dwyer
Nick Dwyer
Melissa Dyas
Kathy Dee Dykes
Margaret Dyson-Cobb
Mercedes Dzindzeleta
Don Eads
Thomas Eagan
Max Eagelfeld
Kathleen Eagle
J Kit Eakle
Bradley Eardley
Lee Earl
Ben Earle
Susan Earle
Tom Earnist
Lawrence East
Anne Easterling
Michael Easton
Rick Easton
Ashraf Ebrahim
Howard Ebright
Jeannette Eccles
Nancy Eckel
Virginia Ecker
Ruth Eckhouse
Byron Edelen
Stonna Edelman
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Thomas Edgar
Travis Edgar
Diane Edge
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Elisa Edgington
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Steven Edmonds
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Bea Eichten
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Jon Eikenberry
Patricia Eisenberg
Amy Eisner
Jason Eisner
William Elbring
Art Elcombe
Robert Elgin
Mary El-Khatib
David Elkins
Gerry Ellefson
Gunhild Ellerbe
Lucy Elliott
Lynn Elliott
Mark And Ann Elliott
Joyce Ellis
Alison Ellsworth
Loren Elmaleh
Mark Elman
Robert Emberton
Susan Emmett
Claudia Ender
Bruce Endicott
Jane Engelsiepen
Frances Englander
Clayton Englar
Pamela Engler
Carolene English
Rita Englum
Paul Engstrom
Howard Ennes
Martha Ennis
Elizabeth Enright
Carl Eppich
Kelly Epstein
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Linda Ercole-Musso
Martin Erickson
Mary Lou Erickson
Judy Ericson
Kristin Erman
Patricia Ernst
Jean Erreca
Duane Erway
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Alberto Escalante
Mike Escobar
Victor Escobar
Donald Eslick
Teresa Espana
Jean Esplin
Leotq Ester
Cary Estes
Dr And Mrs T. W. Estes
Laura Estey
Eric Estlund
David Estrin
Jesse Etelson
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Annette Evans
Brandon Evans
Gwen Evans
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Morgan Evans
Richard Evans
Robert Evans
Rosamund Evans
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Franklin Eventoff
Barbara Everett
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Marianne Evett
Kenneth Ewald
Peter And Nancy Ewald
James Ewalt
Robert Ewart
Winson Ewing
Virginia Eyman
Diane H. Fabian
Michael Fabiszewski
Joan Fabrega
Laurine Fabrick
Linda Fadem
Per Fagereng
Jane Fahey
Claire Fairchild
Daniel Faisal
Bonnie Faith
Adam Faja
Joe Fajen
Stephen Falgout
Edward Fallon
Rima Fand
Carlo Farina
Lamis Faris
Anna Farkas
Martin Farkas
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Frank U Farmer
Gaynl Farmer
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Troy Farr
Dolores Farrell
Janice Farries
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Sheila Filan
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Theresa Fluty
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Christina Fong
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Angela Forest
Arnaud Forestier
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Kenneth Fors
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Sandra Gagnon
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Cecilia Gallini
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Aron Gamman
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Nagma Gandhi
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Glenda Ganis
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Lucinda Gerlitz
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Dale Giese
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Jim Gilchrist
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Michael Gilman
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Susan Girardeau
Marjorie Girth
Ronald Gister
Derek Gitelson
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John Giusti
Helen Gjessing
Filson Glanz
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Barbara Glazer
Harriet Gleaton
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Donald Glickman
Maury Gloster
Chris Glynn
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Susan Goldsmith
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Crisitna Gonzalez
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Andrea Gordon
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Chris Gorka
Richard Gorman
Eugene Gorrin
Betsy And Suzanne Gorry
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Eileen Gottschalk
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John Herrling
Marte Hersey
Jacki Hershberger
Jeffery Hertel
David Hertzel
Drew Herzig
Robert Herzlinger
John Hess
Lauren Hess
Mahlon M. Hess
Melanie Ryan Hesse
Susanne Hesse & Doug Dyer
Raymond Hetherington
Jennifer Heuchert-Mason
Christiane Heyde
Paul Heydemann
John Heyneman
Roxie Heywood
Joseph Hiatt
Matt Hicks
Robert Hicks
Mana Hideki
L.D. Hieber Jr.
Nancy Hiestand
William Higdon
Stephen Hilarides
Daniel Hilario
Roger Hildreth
Dean Hill
Frances Hill
Larry Hill
Martyna Hill
Sarah Hill
Theodora Hill
Jan Hilley
Jo Hilliard
Carol Hilton
Marjori Hilts
Madelyn Himes
Susanna Hinant
David Hind
Norman Hines
Bette Hinkle
Sally Hinshaw
Glenn Hinson
Dwayne Hinton
Pastella Hinton
Linda Hipsher
Nancee Hirano
Ruth Hirano
Sandra Hirota
Harriet Hirsch
Eric Hirst
Nancy Hiser
Ann Hitt
Norman A. Hjelm
Howard Hjort
Robert Hlavna
Carol Hobbs
Sheila And James Hoben
Andrea Hobright
Larry Hobson
Adrienne Hochberg
Herbert Hoche
Kelly And Ralph Hochendoner
Marilyn Hochfield
Harry Hochheiser
Tom Hocking
Harold T. Hodes
Terrance Hodgins
Abigail Hoehne
Elizabeth Hoffman
Nancy Hoffman
Paul Hofheins
Joel Hofslund
Jim Hogg
Don Hogle
Felicity Hohenshelt
Robert Hoitela
Sigrid Hokanson
John Hoke
Larre Hoke
Patrick Holbrook
Cheri Holden
Fred Holden
Lynn Holden
William Holden
Randall Holding
Janice Holkup
Johann Hollar
Susan Holliday
John Holloway
Paul Holloway
Kathleen Holmay, on behalf of Core Yoga
Bonnie Holmes
Jacqueline Holmes
Lorna Holmes
Gail Holmstrom
Dan Holoman
John Holtzclaw
Dorothy Holtzman
Cynthia Bertrand Holub
Richard Holzsager
Don Hon
Margaret Honda
Joan Honig
Byron Hood
Peter Hood
Ruth Hooke
Janet Hoover
Sally Hoover
Sherman Hoover
Melissa Hope
Jean Hopkins
Vaughn Hopkins
Carol Ann Hoppe
Ron Hopson
Roger Horn
Jeff Horne
Paul Horne
Dave Hornstein
Finn Hornum
Shel Horowitz
Karla Horst
Michele Horton
Robert Horton
Allen Hose
Janet Hose
Alexander Hosea
Jerry Hostetler
Abram Hostetter
Sarah Hostetter
Laurence Hotchkiss
Patricia & Gerald Hotchkiss
Charlie Houchins
Megan Houlihan
Laurent Hourcle
Randall House
Doug House, M.Ed.
Wendell Hovey
William Howald
Becky Howard
Fran Howard
Orrin Howard
Rosemary Howard
David Howenstein
Mary Hartwell Howorth
Jo Ann Howse
Lester And Judy Hoyle
Benjamin Hubbard
Compton Hubbard
Ivan Huber
Tara Huber
Randy Hudnutt
J. Hudson
Jesse Hudson
E Hudson Jr
Terry Huey
Gary Huffaker
Susan Huggans
Barbara Hughes
Dennis Hughes
Michael Hughes
Phyllis Hugins
Raymond Huhner
Cynthia Hull
Jan Hull
Mark Hull-Richter
Roland Hulstein
Claes Hultgren
Nancy And Pat Hummel
Steve Hummel
Robert J. Humphrey
Thomas Humphrey
Charles Humphreys
Katherine Humpstone
Heather Hundt
Cyndi Hunt
Cheryl Hunter
Elinor Green & Joel Hunter
Karen Hunter
Robert Hunter
Stan Hunter
Joel Huntington
Kristin Huntoon
John Hurd
Jeffrey Hurwitz
Marvin Hurwitz
Nurmi Husa
Cynthia Huspek
Dean Huston
Annie Hustvedt
Noel Hutchings
Bradford Hutchingson
George Hutchinson
P. Wm. Hutchinson
Rand Huwe
Cynthia Huyser
Donald Hyatt
Helen Hyatt
Lois G Hybl
Craig Hylton
Charles Hyman
Iris Hyman
Joseph Iano
Mavra Iano
Angelina Ibarguen
Carol Idone
Kwesi Idun
Elizabeth Iglesias
Elisha Ignatoff
Takeshi Imajo
Barbara Imboden
Paul Impola
Dan Ingall
Charles Ingalls
Jack Inman
Janet Innes
Judith Inskeep
Cristina Iorga
David Ireland, on behalf of Buncombe Green Party
David Irgang
Andrew Irwin
Deborah Irwin
Toni Irwin
Gregg Isaacson
Daniel Isenberg
Faiza Ishaque
Lawrence Israel
Thomas Israel
Debra Istvanik Strotman
Ruth Iyengar
Doug Jackman
Maryann Jackman
Lawrence Jacksina
Carol Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
Dot Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson
Joyce Jackson
Kathleen Jackson
Roscoe Jackson
Terri Jackson
Traci Jackson
Ron Jacob
Steven Jacobs
Cathy Jacobsen
Charles Jacobsen
Annette Jacobson
Gwen Jacobson
Julie Jacobson
Karl Jacobson
Lawrence Jacobson
Mary Jacobson
Robert Jacobson
David Jaffe
Evelyn Jaffe
Carol Jagiello
Fred Jakobcic
Lisa Jakobsen
Joan James
Sarah G James
Allen Janis
D Jankord
Steve Janowitz
Veronica Jantzen
Robert And Donna Janusko
Gayle Janzen
Carol Jason
Patty Jay
Dexter Jeannotte
Louise Jeffrey
Oren Jeffries
Matthew Jendian
Gil Jenkins
Ken Jenkins
Lee Jenkinson
Alan Jenks
Robert Jenner
Carol Jennings
Dr. Steven F. And Mary C. Jennings
Patricia Jennings
William Jennings
Brent Jensen
Cindy Jensen
Debra Jepsen
Larry Jepsen
Doug Jervey
Jane Jervis
Judi Jeska
Maria Jette
Ira Jinkins
Lester F Jipp
Allan Johannesen
Nancy Johannessen
Heather John
Alvin Johnson
Anne Hale Johnson
Cher Johnson
Craig Johnson
Delwin Johnson
Dick Johnson
Dottie Johnson
Elaine Johnson
Elisabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Eric Johnson
Erin Johnson
Gary Johnson
Gayle Johnson
George C. Johnson
Gil Johnson
J Johnson
James Johnson
James David Johnson
James Dorr Johnson
Janet Johnson
Joan Johnson
Judith Johnson
Julia Johnson
June Johnson
Karen Johnson
Kent Johnson
Kitty Johnson
Leon Johnson
Linda Johnson
Mara Johnson
Marlin Johnson
Michael Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Patrice Johnson
Pj Johnson
Randy Johnson
Rheta Johnson
Ron Johnson
Scott Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Terry Johnson
Tony Johnson
William A. Johnson
Cassondra Johnson Blackbird
Bob Johnston
Douglas Johnston
Jeanne Johnston
Jeffrey Johnston
Ml Johnston
Pamela Johnston
Scott Johnstone
Bernard Joiner
Charles Jonaitis
(The Rev.) Allan B. Jones
Catherine Jones
Clayton Jones
David Jones
Dennis Jones
Elaine Jones
Frances Jones
Guy Jones
Jeff Jones
Neil Jones
Richard Jones
Tom Jones
Wiese Jones
Grace Jones Moore
Margaret Jayne Jones, on behalf of New Vision United Methodist Church
Shirley Jonnes
Suzanne Jonson
Jim Jordan
Lois Jordan
Holly Jorgenson
Marceau Jouett
Sally Joughin
Amber Joy
James Joyce
Laura Joyner
Sennja Joyner
Melissa Judge
Leona Judson
Laurie Julian
Barbara Julien
Bill Jungbluth
Betty Jurus
Faith Justice
Paul Justus
Calvin Jutila
Michael K
Stephen Kabat
Brian Kabcenell
Hayden Kaden
Claudia Kadis
Mo Kafka
Frances Kahn
Laurie Kahn
Dolores Kaiser
John Kaiser
Rudy Kalafus
Mark Kalar
Rita Beth Kalikoff
Harry Kalish
Pamela Kallner
Timon Kalpaxis
Alexandre Kaluzhski
Cathy Kama
Carol Kaminsky
Lacey Kammerer
Ellen Kamoe
Gregory Kampwirth
Mona Kandeler
John And Judith Kane
Philip Kane
Sylvia Kaneko
Theodore Kanellakis
Sheryl Kapelos
Stephanie Kaplan
Woody Kaplan, on behalf of Secular Coalition For America
Nick Karabatsos
Paul Kardon
Susan Marie Karle
William Karnaze
Bernard Karp
Karl Kasmire
Donna Kass
Barry Kassler
Susumu Kato
Suzy Katsuda
Gen Katz
Susan Katz
Tim Katz
Muffett Kaufman
Matt Kaufmann
Mark Kay
Helmut Kayan
E.M. Kaycey
Nadia Kayzi
Margaret Kazarinoff
Paul Kazmercyk
Angela Keane
Sharon Kearney
Tim Kearney
Elizabeth Keast
Paul F. Keaveney
Mg Keck
Nancy Keck
Aliza Keddem
Denise Kedian
Ethel Anne Keeble
Chris Keeley
Raymond Keeling
Sasha Keen
Steve Keen
Thomas Keenan, on behalf of Grassroots Landscape Design
Paul Keene
Luann Keener-Mikenas
Katharine Kehr
Ian Keith
Jl Keith
Bonnie Kelchner-Bunn
Nancy Kellar
Anna Keller
Anne Marie Keller
Catherine Keller
Alexis Kelley
Dana Kelley
Eileen Kelley
Susan Kelley
Steven G. Kellman
Ann Kelly
Carol Kelly
Donna Kelly
Joan Kelly
Marsha Kelly
Nancy Kelly
Christopher Kelsey
Shari Kelts
Kindy Kemp
Michael Kemper
Alana Kenagy
Ellen Kendrick
Debra Kenison
Clara Kennard
Alan Kennedy
Florence Kennedy
Leanne Kennedy
Lynda Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Jeff Kennell
Janet Kennington
Robert And Julia Kenny And Glover, on behalf of Kenny Glover Associates
Lori Kenschaft
James Kent
Malcolm Kenton
Simon Keochakian
Mary Kern
Virginia/Dick Kerner
Loretta Kerns
Robert Kerr
John Kerschbaum
John Kerwin
Kathleen Keske
Edwin Kessler
James Kessler
William Kessler
Meg Kettell
Robert Kettell
Mary Kevin
Katharine Kewley
Peter Keyes
Barbara(Edwin Died 12/3/07) Keyt
Hari Khalsa
Prabhu Khalsa
Mohammad N Khan
Tanvir Khan
Seth Kibel
Chris Kibler
Gail And David Kielson
Mary L. Kientz
Bill Kildall
Jerry Kilgore
Sean Kilgore
Lucy Killea
Gail Kilpatrick
Jung Ha Kim
Greg Kimber
Jan Kimbrough
Marilyn Kimmerling
Wilfred Kincaid
Arden King
Daniel King
Elaine King
Gregory King
Jeanette King
Julia King
Karen King
Kristi King
Mary King
Mary Lou King
Marylee King
Neal King
W.B. King
Kay Kinghammer
Kevin Kingma
Luin Kingman
Rhonda Kingman
Sharon Kingsford
Paul Kingsolver
Richard Kinter
Nancy Kirby
Timothy Kirby
Richard Kirchhoff
John Kirchner
Karisha Kirk
Judy Kirkpatrick
Kathy Kirsh
Mary Kisinger
Jeff Kisner
Sandra Kissam
Mark Kissinger
Jake Kittell
Ben Kjelshus
Kristin Klass
Michael Klausing
Daniel Klein
Ellen & Larry Klein
M Klein
Mark Klein
Walter Kleine
Deanna Kline
Norman Kline
Stephen Kline
Susan Kline
Ronald Kling
Tomdog Klisuric
William Klitzke
Ron Kloberdanz
Gerald Klonglan
Robert Klug
Sheila Klug
David Knaak
Richard Knablin
Robert Knapp
Stuart Knappmiller
Paul Knepper
Craig Knight
Jay Knight
Justin Knight
Suzanne Knight
Richard Knittel
Rayna Knobler
Glenn Knoblock
Sharon Knopp
Karl Knutsen
Deb Kobres
Randy Koch
Jeremy Koch, on behalf of What'S Next Media
Lin Kocher
Al Kochka
The Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne
Richard Koda
A. P. Koedt
Richard Koehler
Mary Koehn
William Koehn
Leonard Koel
Eric Koenig
Robert Koenig
Robert Kogan
Steve Kohn
Ellen Koivisto
Stephen Kolb, on behalf of Mackolb Media
Deena Kolbert
Diane Kolessar-Berl
Jeff Komisarof
Rebecca Koo
Dottie Koontz
Richard Koontz
Gloria Korhonen
George Kormendi
Sandra Korn
Christopher Kornmann
Karen Kortsch
Bernard Koser
Bonnie Koshofer
Ryan Kosmicki
Julian Koss
Brant Kotch
Alicia Koutsoulieris
Andrew Kovaly
Johanna Kovitz
Michael Kowalchuk
Ann Kowaleski
Jean Kozel
Julie Kozel
Matt Kraai
Kevin Kraft
Brian Krahmer
William Krakauer
Drago Krakovic
Glenn Krakower
Robert Kralicek
Joan Kramer
John Kramer
Judy Kramer
Roger Kramer
Gay Kramer-Dodd
Bruce Kran
Douglas Krantz
Marissa Krashefski
Eric Krasinski
Natasha Krasnov
Kathy Krasnowski
Stephen Kratt
Brad Kraus
George Kraus
Karen Krause
Delores Kraut
Jane Kreisman
Julie Krick
Mary Grace Krieger
Linnell Krikorian
J. G. Krlley
E Kroeker
George J. Krol
Geri Kromminga
Steve Krotz
Bruce Krueger
Linda Krug
Catharine Krupp
Cathy Kubik
Therese Kucera
Mary Kuchera
Bill Kuebel
Steve Kuemmerle
Julie Kuhl
Margaret Kuhlen
George Kuhlman
Jay Kuhn
Betty Kuhns
Claudia Kuhns
Paul Kukulas
Rebecca Kuligowski
Robert Kuljian
Patricia Kummer
Marjorie Kunigisky
Miriam Kurland
Nancy Kurtz
Rose Kurtz
Jane Kusel
Edward & Gail Kuske
Sheri Kuticka
Les Kutinsky
Bonnie Kutmus
Howard Kutner
Johan Kvamme
Dorothy Kvittum
Paula Kwakenat
John Kyper
Faye L.
Martha La Cava
Russell La Claire
Roland La Flamme
Elizabeth La Grua
Darrell La Lone
Suzanne La Muniere
Harvey La Tourette
Sharon Laabs
Alice Labay
Ana Lachelier
Bonita Lacy
Reed Lacy
Sharon Lacy
Muriel Ladenburg
Solfrid Ladstein
Michael Laemmle
Denise Laffer
Carrie Lafferty
Joanne Lafreniere
Joyce Lahna
Rodney Lahren
Don Lahti
Diane And Larry Laine
Mark Laity-Snyder
Jennifer Lake
Paul Lakind
Anne Laliberte
Jennifer Lambe
Kent Lambert
Peter Lambert
Virginia Lambert
Rob Lamog
Dan Lamont
John Lamperti
Gary Lampman
Claire Lampson
Nancy Lane And Kathy Pauker Land And Paker
Doug Landau
Kdorothy Lander
Margaret Lander
David Landers
Rich Landini
Edward Landler
Robert Landolt
John Lane
Robert Lane
Gordon Lang
Marilyn Lang
Rosalie Lang
Lynn C. Lang, on behalf of Lynn'S Consulting
Robert Langer
Rollie Langer
Perry And Diane Langford
James Langhammer
Michele Langston
Richard Langston
Anna Langthorn
Andrae Lani
Cheryl Laos
James Lapierre
Virginia Laplante
Robert Lappo
William Large
Carole Larivee
Michael Larocco
Denise Larossa
Areil Larsen
Brent Larsen
David Larsen
Gaia Larsen
Mary L Larsen
Barbara Larson
Darin Larson
Elizabeth & Loren Larson
Fran Larson
Herbert E. Larson
Judith Larson
J Lasahn
Michael Lash
Maureen Lashlee
Mert Lassonde
George Berton Latamore
Jane Latham
Monica Latka Black
Jannie Lauenroth-Andreas, on behalf of Through The Eyes Of The Victim
David Laughton
Todd Laumer
Ron Laupheimer
Stephan Laurent-Faesi
Annie Laurie
Shell Lavender
Brian Lavery
Patrick Lavery
Deborah Lavoie
John Lawlor Jr
Christopher Lawrence
Edward Lawrence
Gordon Lawrence
Jessica Lawrence
Joan Lawrence
Scott Lawrence
John Lawson
Myra Lawson
Ruby Layson
Thom Laz
Joe Lazenby
Noel Le Claire
Dale Le Fevre, on behalf of New Games
Sylvia Leach
Kathleen Leach-Ross
Janice Leafer
Harold Leahy
Patricia Leahy
Stanley Leavell
Fran Leber
Jane Dickler Lebow
Geralyn Leccese
Peg Leclair
Eugene Lecouteur
Audrey Ledgerwood
Lorraine Leduc
Brendan Lee
Christopher Lee
Irving Lee
John Lee
Lenore Lee
Marilyn Lee
Melinda Lee
Murrietta Lee
Margaret Leech
Robert Leeds
Bettyann Leeseberg-Lange
Michele Leff
Steve Lehew
Eric Lehman
Richard Lehnert, on behalf of Words Words Words
Richard Leibold
Howard Leibovitch
Sharon Leidy
Rosemarie Leier
Bill Leikam
Karen Lein
Roger Leisner, on behalf of Radio Free Maine
Darleane Lemley
Kathryn Lemoine
Ted Lemon
Lukasz Lempart
Karen Lemunyon
Susan Lenoe
John Lenting
Edward Leonard
Esther Leonard
Joan Leonard
Lisa Leonard
Deb Lepinski
Chelsea Lepley
Penelope Lepome
Nick Lerman
Paul Lerman
Barry Lerner
Ken Lesem
Alberta Lesko
Derek Leslie
F. Richard Leslie
Michael Leslie
George Letchworth
Paul Levasseur
Marie Leven
Robert Leventhal
Eleanor Levie
Deborah Levin
Florence Levine
Lee Levine
Robert Levine
Julie Levine, on behalf of Topanga Peace Alliance
Ann Levy
Armand Levy
Bernard Levy
Norm Levy
Rachel Levy
John Lewers
Betty Lewis
Charles Lewis
Dale Lewis
Daniel Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
Kevin Lewis
Ray Lewis
Rena Lewis
Richard Lewis
Sherman And Alison Lewis
Sherrill A. Lewis
David Lewton
Dominic Libby
Elsa Russell Lichtenberg
Penelope Lichtenecker
Mark Lichty
Bernard Lieb
Dan Lieberman
Steve Liebowitz
Judith Lienhard
Joshua Lies
Theodore Lieverman
Billy B Liggan
Paul Ligmanowski
Jan Ligotino
Margaret Liles
Ted Liljeholm
James Liljestrand
Jane Lillis-Olson
John Lillis-Olson
Carolyn Lilly
Laurine Linam
Joan Lince
Paul Lincoln
Julia Lindauer
Clifford Lindeman
Jens Lindgren
Nikki Lindkvist
John Lindner
Bob & Pat Lindsey
Svenn Lindskold
Rachel Lindstrom
Winona Lineberger
Andrew Linko
Judith Linn
Cynthia Linton
Danielle Linzer
Marcia Liotard
Alex Lipman
Bill Lipman
Janice Lipp
Arnold Lippin
Patricia Liquard
Kenton Liszewski
Joseph Lite
Thomas Litsch
Mike Litt
Ann-Marie Little
Darlene Little
Vickie Little
Caro Liu
Michael Livengood
Susan Livermore
Corinne Livesay
Elizabeth Livingston
James Livingston
Marilyn Livote
Erin Livoti
B Dale Lloyd
Carl Lloyd
Colleen Llywelyn
Caroline Locke
Kimberly Locke
Sandra Locke
Kay Lockridge
Elizabeth Lockyear
Marguerite Loddengaard
John Lodenkamper
Theodore Loder
Benjamin Lofgren
Ruth Lofgren
Bonnie Lofton
Beverly Logan
Terrence Logue
Carol Lohman
Laura Lokken
Leslie Lomas
Kristen Lombardo
Arlene London
Donna S London
Claire Long
Herbert Long
William Long
Kelly Long Crow
Robert Longer, on behalf of Communications Workers Of America, Local 9421
Marvin Longshore
John Lonneman
Marilyn Sutton Loos
Josie Lopez
Juan Lopez
Katherine Lopez
Lonnie Lopez
Maryjoy Lopez
Pedro Lopez
Robert Lopez
Eleni Loporto
Ruth Lopriore
Awilda Lora
Jenny Lord
William H. Lorentz, Nj Dep. Atty. Gen. (Ret.)
Judy Lotas
Gerald Lott
Stan & Johnnye Jo Lott
Jay & Suzie Lotven
R. Lance Loughlin
Kalvin Louw
Ben Love
Julia Love
Joyce Lovejoy
Robert Lovejoy
Tim Loveland
Jennifer Loveland-Curtze
Nick Lovro
John Low
Nguy Low
Eileen Lowe
L.K. Lowe
Leslie Lowe
Rob Lowe
Rita Lowenthal
Steven Lowenthal
Candice Lown
Edmund Lowney
Marsa Lowry
Maya Lowy
Janet Loy
Robert Loy
Leah Luben
Serge Lubomudrov
Rita Lucey
Roxey Lucia
Eve Luckring
Bohdan Lukaschewsky
Richard Luke
Keth Luke, on behalf of House Of Grace
Denis Luken
Maurice Luker
Karen Lull
Judy Lumb
Douglas Luna
Rob Lund
David Lunde
Theodore Lundgren
Sherman Lundy
Andy Lupenko
C.W. Lupton
Robert Lupton
Renee Lusian
Candida Lutes
Norman Luther
Joseph R. Lutsky
Herlwyn Lutz
Ike Lycett
Stephan Lyman
Ami Lynch
Brian Lynch
Patrick Lynch
Rev. Ian Lynch
Susan Lynch
Andy Lynn
John Lynn
Elizabeth Lyon
Joseph Lyons
Kathleen Lyons
Travis Lyons
June Macarthur
Crawford Maccallum
Robert H. Maccallum
Donald Maccorquodale
Kevin Macdonald
Arthur Macdonnell
Cynthia Mace
Christopher Macgregor
Sherry Machen
Dan Mack
Judith Mackenzie
Suzanne Mackenzie
Barbara Macklowe
Paula Mackrow
Melanie Maclennan
Rosemary Macleod
Sharon Macleod
Stanley Macleod
Paul Macmillan
Tim Macmurdo
Norman Macritchie
Brian Macwhinney
Samantha Harper Macy
Susan Madar
Michael Maday
John Madden
Molly Madden
Roberta Madden
Elaine Madsen
Ellen Madsen
Libbe Madsen
Loren Madsen
Wilbrod Madzura
Foster Maer
Max Magbee
Andrew Maguire
Vicki Maheu
Amin Mahmoud
Marilyn Mahnke
Stephen Mahoney
Mary Ann Maikish
Barbara Mail
David Maimin
Terence Major
Jason Malerich
Joan Malherek
Mary Malloy
Irene Malone
John Michael Malone
Peggy Malone
David Maloof, on behalf of Seventy Times Seven Project
Michael Maltenfort
Joseph Manahan
Judith Mandel
David Mandelblatt
Eileen Mandujano
Maggie Mandzuk
Patricia Manion
Bob & Marge Manke
Heather Manley
Vicki Manning
Cynthia Mannion
Charles Mannix
Phil Manos
Charlotte Mansavage
Jean Mansour
Magdy Mansour
Ellen Mansueto
Darryl Manthey
Dorothy Many
Ruth Maples
Matt Maras
Joyce M. Marco
Christina Marcus
Elizabeth Marcus
Gail Marcus
Ronald Marcus
Thomas Mareci
Anthony Maresco
Mr. Miguel J. Margarida
Anita Margulis
Jason Margulis
Louis Mariani
Gilles Marin
Mark Marino
Patricia Marino
Steve Mark
Steven Markell
Michael Markic
John Markowitz
Patricia A. Marks
Jeff Markwood
Judith Marlin
Kip Marlow
Harold Maron
Steve Marquardt
Tanyan Marquette
Veronica Marquez
William Marr
Aileen Marshall
Gary Marshall
Alain Marsot
Judith Marten
Bill Martens
Diane Martens
Annie Martin
Chester Richey Martin
Edwin Martin
Joan Gilbert Martin
John Martin
Lois Martin
Lynn Martin
Millard Martin
Richard Martin
Roger Martin
Ruth Martin
Stephen Martin
John Martinez
Mary Martinez
O C Martinez
Janice Martinie
Gina Martin-Smith
Gerry Martocci
Joan Martorano
William Marvin
Dennis Marzan
Nicole Maschke
Ruth Maskrey
Christopher Mason
Robert Mason
Cheryl Mason-Middleton
Martin Mastenbrook
Heidi Mastrogiovanni
Rob Mastroianni
Marcy Matasick
Harvey Matcovsky
Anne Mates
Carolyn Mather
E. Mather
Alexander Matheson
Sally Matheson
Carole Mathews
Harriett Mathews
Hoyt Mathews
Elizabeth Mathewson
Barbara J. Mathias
Mj Mathisen
Dale Matlock
Kl Matlock
Peter Matlon
Jacqueline Matson
Steve Mattan
Martha Mattes
Scott Matteson
Dike Matthew
Jonathan Matthews
Rev. Bob Matthews
Valerie Matthews
Barbara Matthiessen
Tasneem Matthis
Georgia Mattingly
Laura Mauldin
Harry Mauney
Kurt Maurer
Margaret S. Maurin
Bob Mauser
Linda Maxwell
Robert Maxwell
Sara Maxwell
Andrew May
Ann May
Frank May
Richard May
Marion & Marie Maye
If Mayer
Simon Mayeski
Jerry Mayeux
John Mayew
Randal Mayhew
Wayne Mayo
Kathryn Mays
Robert Mayton
Gene` Mc Govern
William Mc Guire
Hosea Mcadoo
Shirley Mcallister
Judy Mcauley
Diane Mcavoy
Bill Mcbain
Timothy Mcbride
Eileen Mccabe
Tanya Mccabe
Bryn Mccabe-Kelly
Dian Mccall
Jan Mccall
Harriett Mccallum
Patti Mccarron
Robert Mccart
Charles Mccarthy
Janet Mccarthy
Julie Mccarthy
M Mccarthy
Mary Mccarthy
Scott Mccaughey
Evelyn Mcchesney
Harriet Mccleary
Dalton Mcclelland, M.D.
Michael Mcclennen
Andrew Mcclory
Thomas Mcclory
Toni Mcclory
Jas. Parker Mccomas
Barbara Mcconaghy
David Mcconnell
Kelly Mcconnell
Douglas Mccormick
William Mccormick
Gene Mccornack
Daisy Mccoy
Howard Mccoy
Robert Mccoy
David Mccracken
Dhyana Mccraig
Charlie Mccullagh
Jane Mccullam
Samuel Mcculloch
Jim Mccurdy
Anita Mcdermott
Lou Caylor Mcdermott
Joann Mcdonald
Tracy Mcdonald
Andrew Mcdonnell
Bob/Laverne Mcdonnell
Damian Mcdonnell
Toby Mcelravey
Sarah Mcevoy
Brendan Mcfadden
Andrew Mcfarland
Eve Mcfarland
Michele Mcferran
Robert Mcgaughey
Maureen Mcgee
Ann C. Mcgill
Ron Mcgill
Donnie Mcginnis
Patrick Mcglamery
Lauren Mcglynn, Jd
Alice Mcgough
John & Barbara Mcgowan
Wendy Mcgowan
Edwin Mcgrath
John Mcgrath
Bruce Mcgraw
Allen Mcgrew
Dann Mcgrew
Ellen Mcguire
Francis Mcguire
Maureen Mcguire
Mildred Mcguire
Linda Mchale
Michael Mchugh
Maryelizabeth Mcilvane
D Mcinnes
James Mcintosh
Sharon Mcintosh
Brenda Mcintyre
Clyde Mckee
Richard Mckee
Andrew Mckelvey
Patrick Mckenna
Mark Mckennon
Monte & Elora Mckenzie
Lou Ann Mckimmy
Sandie Mckinney
Samantha Mcknight
Shaen Mcknight
Maureen Mclain
Melody Mclaughlin
Nancy Mclaughlin
Susan Mclaughlin
Katharine Mclaughry
Linda Mclean
Jeffrey N. Mcmahan
Kelly Mcmahan
Charles Mcmahon
Colleen Mcmahon
Gwen Mcmahon
Earl Mcmanhan
Eric Mcmanus
M. A. Mcmanus
Patricia Mcmanus
Carolyn Mcmaster
Margaret Mcmillan
Annette Mcmullen
Bobbie Mcmullen
Lowell Mcmullin
Tom Mcmurray
Kathleen Mcnally
Barbara Mcnamara
Christa Mcnamee
William Mcneff
John Mcnerney
Elizabeth Mcniel
Lynne Mcniel
Elizabeth Mcpherson
Gregg Mcpherson
Meg Mcroberts
Helen Mcshane
Barbara Mcspadden
Pat Mcsweeney
John Mcswigan
Hella Mcvay
Paul Mcwilliams
Margaret Meachem
Kathleen Meagher
Chris Measures
Gary Meddaugh
Peter Medhurst
Esther Megill
Carole Mehl
Chris Mehl
Dorothy Mehler
Siddharth Mehrotra
Pamela Meier
Scott Meier
Marilynn Meinke
Michael Meister
George M Melby, Pastor/Chaplain
Richard Mellen
Kate Mellet
Stephen Melott
Conrad Melton
Peter Melton
Joel Meltzer
Alex Mendelsohn
Debra Mendelson
Barbara Mendieta
Vince Mendieta
Skip Mendler
Premachandran Menon
Alec Mento
Oleg Menyhert
Rex Mercer
Barbara Meredith
Mairi Meredith
Scott Merrick
David Merrill
Mandy Merritt
Ron Meservey
Anna Messer
Gordon Messling
Connie Metcalf
Carol Metzger
Bill Metzger, on behalf of Brewing News
E. Margaret Metzinger
Brent Metzler
Derek Meyer
Judy Meyer
M. B. Meyer
Rich Meyer
Louise Meyers
Pat Meyers
Paul Meyers
Paul Meyrial
Jose Meza
Davida Michaels
Desiree Michaels
Lee Michalsky
Kathleen Michel
Golda Michelson
Charlotte Michie
Barry Michlin
Marilyn Mick
Charles Mickelson
Joseph Micketti
Ethan Middlebrooks
John Midkiff
Jeanne Mielcarek
Jean Miele
Timothy Mieyal
Karen Mileski
Lawrence Milford
Jean Millay
Andrew Miller
Arthur Miller
Bonnie D. Miller
Carl Miller
Charlene Miller
Conrad Miller
Cynthia Miller
Edgar Miller
Edward Miller
Edwin Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Ellen Miller
Howard Miller
Jack Miller
James Miller
Janet Miller
Janie Hyde Miller
Jennifer Miller
Joe Miller
John Miller
John N. Miller
Karen Miller
Kathleen Miller
Marilyn Miller
Ray Miller
Robert Miller
Russell Miller
Ruth Miller
Stefanie Miller
Thomas And Nancy Miller
Tom Miller
Mike Miller Jr
A.B. Miller Jr.
James (Jim) Millerj
James Millier
Lee Milligan
Ruth Millikan
Edward Mills
Mary Mills
Nancy Mills
Tom Min
Dean Mindock
Philip Minehan
Rev Curt Miner
Carolyn Minert
Jim Minick
Michelle Minick
Tammy Minion
Don Minnerly
James Minnery
Walt Mintkeski
Jolie Misek
Stephen Mitche;;
Anna Mitchell
Carol Mitchell
Charles Mitchell
Charlie K Mitchell
D. Mitchell
Glenn Mitchell
John And Peggy Mitchell
Jolina Mitchell
Kristy Mitchell
Michael Mitchell
Perry Mitchell
Ronnie Mitchell
Neal Mitchell, on behalf of Neal Mitchell Associates
Steven Mitsch
Michael Mitsuda
Ethan Mittel
David Mobley
Robert Moeller
Michael Molder
Mark Molen
Tom Molina
Cynthia Molinero
Jerry Molumby
David Mondejar
Raymond Mondor
Monique Mondragon
John Monestero
Giancarlo Moneti
Marcia Monma
Reverend Ralph John Monteiro, O.S.A.
Marianne Montero
Bella Montgomery
Sally Montgomery
William Montgomery
Bruce Montney
Marlene Montooth
Joseph Montville
Vi Mooberry
Jim Moody
Michael Mooney
Paul Mooney
Arthur Moore
Barbara Moore
Charles Moore
David Moore
Dennis Moore
Diane Moore
Donna Moore
Elizabeth Moore
Howard Moore
Hugh Moore
Janet Moore
Karl Moore
Mark Moore
Martha Moore
Paul Moore
Profwillisha Moore
Richard Moore
Robert Moore
Kerry Moore Kroneman
Patricia Moore-Gode
Jerry Moorehead
Mary Etta Moose
Dennis Morales
Margaret Morales
Robert Moran, on behalf of Digital Constructs Ic.
Diane Morbeto
Jan Morell
Velia Moreno
Eleanor Moretta
James Morgan
Jon Morgan
Merri Morgan
Sharon Morgan
A. Perry Morgan, Jr.
Joyce Morgenroth
Ben Morgenstein
Hans Morgenstern
M.L. Morgenstern
John Morhous
Michael Morhous
Ed Morin
Janice Morison
Janice Morrell
Steve Morrell
Janette Morrell Mallouh
Johanna Morrigan
Bert Morris
Catherine Morris
Everett Morris
John Morris
Keith Morris
Paul Morris
Rev. William Morris
Robert Morris
Sharon Morris
Sue And John Morris
Rev. Jim Morrison
Suzanne Morrison
Karen Morrow
Richard Morrow
Eric Morse
Paul Morse
William H. Morse
Kim Mortensen
Linda Moscarella
Andrea Moser
Donna Moser
Janet Moser
Monica Moser
Ann Moses
Dan Moseson
Margaret Moseson
Seth Mosgofian
Joanne Mosley
Theresa Mostaffa
John Moszyk
Ray Motley
Isaac Motola
Tracy Mott
William Moulton
Eric Mount
Margaret Heiss Moustafa
Cary Moy
Jack Mozian
Stephen Mudrick
Greg Mueller
Jean Mueller
Zakiyyah Muhammad
James Mulcare
Pete Mulholland
Mary Mullane
Harriet Mullaney
Tom Mullen
Doc Mullet
Ann Mulrane
Lori Mulvey
Andrew Mumford
Nick & Wanda Mumford
Diana Munch
Doris Munger
Elisabeth Murawski
Cathy Murck
Travis Murckovich
Keith C. Murdock
Lauren Murdock
Robert Murdock
Gerda Muri
Kevin Murnane
Barbara Murphy
Dean Murphy
Garrett Murphy
Gary Murphy
James Murphy
John Murphy
Michael Murphy
William Murphy
M. Jean Murray
Matt Murray
Verona Murray
Gary Murrow
Lancen Musser
Adnan Mustafa
Mary Mutch
Leo And Jane Mutchler
Eileene Muzzarelli
Margaret & John Myer
Cecile Myers
Denise Myers
Diana Myers
Ed Myers
Joann Myers
Kevin Myers
Robert Myers
Zachary Myers
Gary Myrick
Eric Myrvaagnes
Jeff Nach
Len & Zeace Nadler
Vreni Naess
Rebecca Nafey
Bobbie Nagel
Warren Nakisher
Deanna Nakosteen
Joseph Nalli
Steve Namkoong
Warren Napier
Jean Naples
Timmy Napolitano
Karolyn Nartker
Jonathan Nash
Lois Nathan
Seth Nathanson
Christoph Nauer
Vincent Navarro
Paul Naylor, Ph.D.
Robin Neal
Nicky Neau
Melissa Nece
Meredith Needham
Lisa Neely
Sandy Neese
Nancy Neff
Ed Neffinger
Joseph Negowski
Carol Neil
Debra Neill-Mareci
John Neilson
Vicki Neland
(Rev) John Nelson
Bette Nelson
Daniel Nelson
David Nelson
Derek Nelson
Emma Nelson
Floyd Nelson
Joshua Nelson
Kay Nelson
Kj Nelson
Lois Nelson
Philip Nelson
Thomas Nephew
Steve Nepi
Victor Nepomnyashchy
Randall Nerwick
Dale Nesbitt
Anita Nessin
Robert Neuhauser
Douglas Neumann
Armand And Jane Nevers
Gloria New
Phyl Newbeck
Beezy Newkirk
Reita Newkirk
Beth Newman
Karen Newman
Matt Newman
Steven Newman
Gerald Newsom
Gabriel Newton
Peter Newton
Terrance Newton
Sheila Neylon
Kim Loan Nguyen
Nancy L. Nicalo
Peter Nicholas
K.G.H. Nicholes
Bill Nichols
Charles Nichols
David Nichols
Florence Nichols
Mark Nichols
Lisa Nicholson
Samuel O Nicholson
Shamus Nicholson
Jk Nickell
Ernie Nickels
Jeanette Nickels
Robert Nickerson
Bradford Nickoloff
Donna Nicol
Andrea Nicolaides
Rael Nidess, M.D.
Thomas Nieland
David Nielsen
Matt Nielsen
Nancy Nielsen
Cathy Nieman
Carol Niemi
Joseph Nieves
Robert Nieves
Barbara-Ann Nikl
Joyce Niksic
Jean Nilson
Douglas Nine
Romana Nino
Kareem Nino, on behalf of Creatours
Marc Nisenfeld
Emilie Nisenson
Alan J Nishman
Marilyn Nixon
Vanessa Nixon Klein
Barbara Njos
Martha P Nochimson
Richard L. Nochimson
Cherie Noel
Letitis Noel
Colleen Nohl
Margaret Nolan
Mark Nolan
John Noles
Sharon Nolting
Greg Noneman
Miriam Noonan
Patricia Noragon
Sheldon Norberg, on behalf of North Mountain
Aaron Norcia
Kristin Norderval
Liane Norman
Joanne Norris
Mike Norris
Shari Norris
Shelby Norris
William And Rhoda Norris
Alexandra Norton
Nancy Norton, on behalf of Stone Quarry House
Jonathan Nourok
Dan Novak
Eric Novikoff
Bj Novitski
Julio Nuñez
Ted Nunn
David Nurenberg
William Nusbaum
Deborah Nutt
Robert Nuzum
Dorothy Nylen
Michael O'Brien
Robert O'Brien
Sabriyya Ocasio
Elmer Occhiuzzo
Bill Ochs
Bill O'Connell
Maureen O'Connell
John Oconnor
Joanne O'Connor
Katie O'Connor
Maura O'Connor
Maureen O'Connor
Roderick O'Connor
Timothy O'Dell
Yolanda Odonnell
Charles O'Donnell
Barbara Offenhartz
Tore Ofteness
David O'Grady
Joan Oister
Sue O'Keeffe
Frank Olbrish
Anthony Oldcorn
Elise Olds
Cathy O'Leary Carey
Jerry Oliver
Martha (Patty) Oliver-Smith
John Olness
Mary Olsen
Crystal Olson
Dr. Norman Olson
Patrick O'Meara
Maureen O'Neal
John O'Neil
William O'Neil Jr
Alexandra O'Neill
Mary O'Neill
Andrew Oppedahl
Kathy Oppenhuizen
I Oppose This
Alice Ordover
Michel Oren
Sandra Oriel
Charles Oroszko
Charlene O'Rourke
Kevin O'Rourke
Patrick O'Rourke
Manuel M. Ortega
Kathy Orten
Erik Ortiz
Susan Osborn
Rodney Osborne
Kristen Osman
Garver Osorio
David Osterhoudt
Annalisa Osterhout
Diane Ostheimer
Helen Marie Ostrander
Patricia Osullivan
Bartolo Osuna
Elizabeth Otte
Eva Otte Smith
Shelley Ottenbrite
John Otterness
Joe Otto
Roger Overholt
Tamara Overholt
Diane Owens
Jim Owens
Dogan Ozkan
A Pabian
Rudolph Pacheco
Vanessa Pacheco
Mary Pacholke
Michael Pacholski
David Pack
Bobby Ann Packwood
Nathan Padberg
Todd Paddock
Tony Padilla
Jeff Page
Jordan Pakaki
Diana Palm
Howard Palmer
Jason Palmer
Paul Palmer
Rosemary Palmer
Veronica Palmer
Thomas Palmersheim
Dick Palmiter
Karin Paludan-Sorey
Sara & Roland Pandolfi
Myna Panemangalore
Patricia Panitz
John Papandrea
Maria Papi
Ernest Paquet
Ralph Paradiso
Anna Paradowski
Loretta Paraguassu
Pauline B Paranto
Stephen Paranya
Bob Pardue
Sallie Park
Dan Parker
Janet Parker
Jin Adams Parker
Kevin Parker
Philip Parker
Sharon Parker
Gordon Parker Iii
Marilyn Parks
Catherine And Richard Parmelee
Lorraine Parmer
James Parr
Michael Parsons
Richzard L. Parsons
Michael Pascucci
Randall Paske
Rocco Passafuime
Marti Pastore
Dean Pasvankias
Herb Patchell
William Pate
Ashish Patel
Richard Patenaude
Moore Patricia
Lewis Patrie
Fred Patterson
George Patterson
Miles Patterson
Roni Jo Patterson
Edward Paul
Ronald Paul
Stephen Paul
Kristy Pauley
Irv Paull
Gary Pavlic
Anthony Pavlick
Lori Payne
Marybeth Peake
Betty Pearlman
Ada Lee Pearson
Bruce L. Pearson
Judith Pearson
Rachel/Rae Pearson
Lynn Pearson, on behalf of Pearson And Graham Graphic Art Services
Mary Pease
Jerry Peavy, on behalf of Jerry Peavy Photography
Patricia Peckham
Bruce Pedersen
Christian Pedersen
Db Pedersen
Edward Pedersen
Donna Pedroza
E Peekins
Joseph Peha
Denise Peick
Sumner Peirce
Susan Peirce
Brooke Pekkala
Joel Pelletier
Howard Pellett
Paul Peloquin
Amy Peloza
Dr.Anthony R Peluso
Cheryl Pena
Pablo Pena Iv
Elizabeth Penfield
Julia Penn
Susan Pennell
Dolores Penrod
Joseph Penry
Kathleen Peppard
Luise Perenne
Shawn Perez
Shirley Perez-Pagan
Wayne Perg
Robert Perkerson
Evan Perkins
Elinor Perlich
Richard Perras
Claire Perricelli
Amy Perrin
Ed Perrine
Jeffrey Perrone
Freda Perrotta
Anthony Perry
Kristian Perry
Lee Pershan
Donna Persico
Johnette Peruzzi
Sandra Pesce
Judith Peter
Barbara Peters
Bj Peters
Dorothy Peters
Joanne Peters
Mary Ann Peters
Donald F Petersen
Paul Petersen
Robert Petersen
Carl J. Petersen, Jr.
Andrew Peterson
Camille Peterson
Don And Bobbie Peterson
E. Blake Peterson
James Peterson
John & Madeleine Peterson
Mark Davis Peterson
Mary Kay Peterson
Ingrid Petricone
Joan Petrosino
Ashlee Peyton
Rev.Antoinette Pezet
Drew Pham
Terry Phelan
William Phelan
David Phelps
Cc Phenix
Belle Philibosian
Benjamin Phillips
Julia Phillips
Mary Phillips
Sheridan Phillips
Tracy Phillips
Darwin Phillips, on behalf of Obamas Footsoldiers
Bruce Philpott
Josephine Piccoli
Matt Piccone
Vanna Pichel
Robert Pickett
Richard Pieart
Pamela Pier, on behalf of Dinosaur Hill
David Pierce
Mary Pierce
Terry Pierce
Aj Pierre-Louis
Tara Pike
Anne Pinkney
Linda Pinkowski
Richard Pious
Janna Piper
Beth Pirolli, on behalf of Families United For A Safe Environment
Albert Pishioneri
Phoebe Pitassi
Jayne Pitchford
Stephen Pitt
David Pitts
Judith Pitts
Jeanne Pitz
Carrie Pitzulo
Doris C Plaine
Ken Plants
John Platt
Richard And Jane Platt
Robert Platt
Constance Plavcan
Scot Plemmons
Norman Plotkin
Carole Plumb
Michael Plumley
Robert Podzikowski
Ellen Poist
Ledayne Polaski
Allen Polen
Alice Polesky
Carole Pollack
Peter Pollack
Jeri Pollock
Beth Pomerantz
Richard Poole
Jason Pooler
Christopher Poor
Nicole Poore
Elizabeth Pope
Jerry Pope
Rachel Pope
David Popiel
Sandie Popiel
Michael Popovich, Jr.
Alan Porter
Denise Porter
Duncan Porter
Elsa A. Porter
Keith Porter
Vivian Porter
William Porter
Hal Portner
Clark Post
Dianne Post
Harry H Post
Patricia Post
Timothy Post
Kristen Potter
Catherine M Potts
David Potts
John Potts
Judi Poulson
Stephen Poulter
Robert And Renee Pound
Randall Pouwels
Edwin E. Powell
Jenkyn Powell
Marty Powell
Elena Powers
Janet Powers
Jessica Powers
Henry J Powsner
Judith Poxon
Anne Prairie
Richard Pranin
Luis Prat
Jacob Prather
Joe Pratt
Kim Pratt
L. D. Pratt
Mark Precious
Mel Preczewski
Sharon Prehn
Sister Letitia Prentice
William Pressman
Dean Prestemon
Astrid Preston
Maryann Preston
Mary-Ann Pretko
Richard Preto-Rodas
Jennifer Prettyman-Hall
Catherine Price
Charlotte Price
David Price
Kent Price
Larry Price
Nicole Price
Quentin Prideaux
Robert J. And Ann M. Pries
Barbara Prince
Bruce Pringle
Jennifer Pritchard
Robert Prochnow
Margo & Dennis Proksa
Chris Proler
Linda Prostko
Colleen Protzman
David Prystal
Walter Przypek
Robert Puchli
Gerryl E. Puelle
Laken Pugsley
Roslyn Pulitzer
Noel Pullam
Alice Pulver
John Purcell
Herbert G Purdy
Stuart Purdy
Kim Pursell
Ed Pusch
Robert Puscheck
Helen Putera
Ronald Putman
Gary Putnam
Mary Quain
John Quante
Matthew Quellas
Louise Quick
Mark Quigley
Linda Quinet
Kathy Quinlan
Joseph Patrick Quinn
Michael Quinn
Joanne Quirk
K. R.
Stewart R.
Barry Rabichow
Celia Rabinowitz
Nancy Radcliffe
Bob Rader
Kirk Rader
Alex Radin
Greg Radke
Kyle Rafferty
Judith Raffety
Michael Raffety
Francis Rago
Dennis Raines
A. Lynn Raiser
James Ralston
Peter Ralston
Valerie Ralston
Steve Ram
Andrew Ramage
Gayathri Ramanathan
Bob Ramczyk
Cynthia Ramer
Susan Ramey
Catherine Ramirez
Kate Ramirez
Rudy Ramirez
Miguel Ramos
Ingrid Ramsay
Robert Ramsay
Katherine Rand
Bruce Randall
David Randle, on behalf of Whale Center
Toby Rane
Nancy Ranieri
Patricia Ranstrom
Eric Ranvig
Connie Raper
Lee Raper
Fred Raphael
Rona Rappe
Tiffany Rapplean
Skyler Rarig
Fraser And Lynn Rasmussen
Jonathan Rasmussen
Richard Rasmussen
Doug Raszewski
Eugene E. Ratay
David Rateau
Nick Rathert
Una Ratmeyer
Sharon Raum
Bettina Rausa
Chris Rawcliffe
Holly Rawson
Gloria Ray
Joseph Ray
Mary Raymond
Timothy Raymond
Ray Raymond, on behalf of Advocacy For Justice
Jennifer Read
Pamela A Reagor
Phyllis Reames
Doug Reaves
Bob Reavis
Mark Reback
Carmen Redding
Ginabeth Reder
Frances Redick
Madalyn Redini
Maryellen Redish
Gregory Reece
Thomas Reeck
Ellen Reed
Laurie Reed
Margaret Reed
Martin Reed
Scott Reed
Charles Reeder
Margo Reeg
Tiger Reel, on behalf of Action! Theatre Company
Renny Reep
Bill Rees
Clifford Rees
Howard Rees
Ronald Rees
Jean Reese
Linda Mary Reeves
Mary Ann Reeves
Pearlie Reeves
Robert Reeves
Terry Reeves
Tom Regan
Karl Rehmer
Connie Reich
George Reichel
Richard Reichmann
Ryan Reid
Stephen Reid
Toni Reid
Ruth Reidy
Wendy Reierson
Alexandra Reiger
Douglas Reilly
Bettie Reina
Elizabeth Reindollar
Ken Reinebach
Ralph And Kristin Reiner
Kathryn Reinicke
James Reinke
Emil Reisman
Karl Reisman
Kathleen Remaly
Wayne Renardson
Eugene Rencher
Peggy Reneau
Wendy Renew
John Renfrew
Misty Renfroe
Douglas Renick
Steve Reninger
Larry Reno
John Renteria
Robert Resse
Rudy Retamoza
Whitney Revis
Thomas Reyer
Joan Reyes
Nick Reyman
Arlene Reynolds
Colin Reynolds
Dolores Reynolds
Eileen Reynolds
Jeannine Reynolds
Kevin Reynolds
Marc Reynolds
Om Devi Reynolds
Robert Reynolds
William C. & Janet S. Reynolds
Eve Reynolds, on behalf of Arcolution
Carolyn Rhazi
Tina Rhea
Richard Rheder
Sarra Rhodes
Esther Ricardo-Bulis
Diana Ricci
Anthony Ricciardi
Beverly Rice
Daryl Rice
David Rice
Randall Rice Rice
Roberta G. Rice
Virginia Rice
Belle Richards
Bruce Richards
Danielle Richards
Sarah Richards
Tom Richards
Bruce Richardson
Michael Richardson
William A And Eva Richardson
Carol Richerson
Louise Rickard
Jerome Rickert
Sharon Rickert
George & Deborah Ricketts
Lotus Ricketts
Rodger Ricketts
Margaret Ricotta
Carolyn Riddle
James Rideout
Jonathan Ridgeway
William Ridley
John Riedl
R. M. Riefstahl
Dale Riehart
Ann Riehle
Barry Riehle
Anthony Riesner
Virginia Rietz
Theresa Rieve
Harold Riffe
Ann Riggan
Bob And Carmen Riggs
Charles H. Riggs, Iii
Kathleen Riley
Maynard Riley
Virginia Riley
Cathy Rimer-Surles
Glenn Rinker
Fe Ripka
Michele Risa
William Risano
Linda Rising
Priscilla Ritchie
Laurel Ritscher
Miriam Rivas
Javier Rivera
Mario Rivera
Rev. Carlos Rivera Quijano Sj, on behalf of St. Ignatius Church
Curtis Rivers
Cheri Riznyk
Greta Rizzuti
Edward Roach
Janet Robbie
Mary Robbins
Tristen Robbins
William Roberson
Alma Roberts
Bowen Roberts
Celia Roberts
Ethel Roberts
Gail Roberts
Grover Roberts
Jamie Cohen Roberts
Jeannie Roberts
Michael And Amy Roberts
Muriel Roberts
Susan Roberts
Jane Robertson
Mike Robertson
Stuart Robertson
Scott Robeson
Betty Robichaw
Barbara Robinson
Christine Robinson
Clarence Robinson
Forrest Robinson
Gladys Robinson
Judith Robinson
Laura Robinson
Marcia Robinson
Marian Robinson
Maya Robinson
Terry Ellen Robinson
Brent Robison
Sidney Robles
Peter Roche
Jessica Rocheleau
Marcia Rock
Janice Rocke
Brent Rocks
Lynn Roddy
Forrest Rode
Paul Roden
Glenn Rodgers
Peter Rodgers
Shirley Rodgers
Joan Rodman
John Paul Rodman
Dr.Maria D.C. Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez
Joanie Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez
James Roeber
Curt Roelofs
Richard Roether
Mary Rogan
Peter Rogatz
Dennis Rogers
Jennifer Rogers
Nancy Rogers
Ray Rogers
Robert Rogers
William Rogers
Nancy Rohde
Robert Rohr
Brad & Mary Sue Rohwer
Charles L. Rojer, M.D.
Julie Rojo
John Rokas
Eldon Rollins
Dave Rollo
Bob Rolsky
Leeann Rolss
Barbara Roman
Jeffrey Roman
Lois Romanak
Noreen Romano
John Romany
Evan Romer
Luz Romo
Roberto Romo
James Roney
Carl Ronzheimer
Peter Roper
Melissa Ropke
Leonard Rorer
Shelley Rorvick
Francisco Rosa
Barbara Rosalik
Diane Rose
Elizabeth Rose
Judy Rose
Mary Sue Rose
Pat Rose
Judith Rosen
Maria Catrambone Rosen
William Rosen
Carla Rosenbaum
Elizabeth Rosenberg
Jenn Rosenberg
Enid Rosenblatt
Judith Rosenblatt
Melvin Rosenblatt
Jel Rosenblit
Henry Rosenfeld
Mark Rosenstein
Richard & Carolyn Rosenstein
Marjorie Rosensweig
Howard Rosenthal
Linda Rosenthal
Robert Rosenthal
Tammy Rosenthal
John Roshell
Brandon Rosin
Anne Ross
Bruce Ross
Hamilton Ross
Vera Ross
Chaia Ross-Booker
Robert Rossel
Grif Rosser
Albert L. Rossi
Wayne Rossignol
Jerome Roth
Sharon Rothe
Marvin Rothfusz
Emily Rothman
Maurice Rothman
Sharon Rothman
Sol And Sharon Rothman
Edward Rothstein
Robert Rottenberg, on behalf of Tiferet Center, Inc.
Kristy Rougeou
Victoria Rountree
Marti Roush
David Rousseau
Heath Row
Helenrose Rowan
Shelley Rowan
Ray Rowell
Rm Rowen
Della Rowland
Janalee Roy
Joyce Roy
Anabel Royer
Gerry Royse
Carol Rozeboom
Allen Rozelle
Bill Rozen
Dawn Rubbert
Ron Rubek
Earl Rubell
Donald Rubin
Joseph & Bette Rubinstein
Roberto Rubio
James Rubner
Ellen Ruden
Hazel Rudich
Ana Rudolph
Charilyn Rudolph
Kathleen Rueppel
Chris Ruiz
Donald Rull
Sharon Rumberger
Thomas Rummel
Peggy Rundle
Loren Rupp
David Russell
Diane Russell
Linda Russell
Mary Russell
Nancy Russell
Nerissa Russell
Rick Russell
Robert Russell
Sean Russell
Sylvia Russell
Robin Rutan
Fred Rutledge
Leon Rutledge
Kathy Ruzicka
Larry Ryan
Robert Ryan
Sharon Ryan
Sylvia Ryan
Therese Ryan
Martin Ryder
William Ryerson
Grant Rykken
Peter Rynders
Lavaughn Rynearson
Mary Kate And David Ryner
Barbara Rystrom
Sarah Ryterband
Wilson Saavedra
Rev. Dr. Pete Sabey, Ed.D.,Mft, on behalf of Interfaith Counseling Service
Oren Sachs
Lourdes Sadanaga
Carmen Sanchez Sadek
Chala Sadiki
Joan Sadler
Elaine C Sadowski
Richard Sadowsky
Elizabeth Saenger
Zandra Saez
Daniel Safer
Edward Safford
Allison Saft
Bernie Saftner
Ml Sage
Peter Sager
Ed Sahagian-Allsopp
Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe
Inayet Sahin
Jamelia Saied
Carmen And Bob Saint
Don Saito
Paul Sakol
Joseph Sakry
Danielle Salas
Corinne Salcedo
James Saley
Frida Salgado
R Salido
Tony Salls
Lemoyn Salmonsen
Jessica Salvador
Jaya Salzman
Judith Salzman
Rev Shekinah Samaya
Audrey Samelson
Nathan Sames
Patricia Sammann
Carolyn Samson
Judith Samuels
Georgeanne Samuelson
Carmen Sanchez
Heather Sanchez
Noah D M Sanchez
Tom Sanchez
James Sanders
Leslie Sanders
William Sanders
Cyndi Sandlin
Gustavo Sandoval
Chris Sandow
Auerback Sandra
Ellen Sanford
Patricia Sanitate
Kathyrn Santana
James Santos
Paul Santos
Carole Sarcinello
Todd Sargent
Randi Saslow
John Satchell
Richard Satkin
Helen Satterthwaite
Suruna Satya
Anne Sauer
Elizabeth Sauert
James Saunders
Peter Savage
Carol Savary
Rosemarie Sawdon, on behalf of Coalition For Justice
Mark Sawyer
Herb Sayas
Cari Sayre
Marilee Scaff
Eugene Scalisi
Michael Scanlon
Joseph Scarano
Kathryn Scarbrough
Dolores Schaefer
Gary Schaefer
Jim Schaefer
Maija Schaefer
William Schaefer
Lois Schafer
Michael Schaffer
Patricia Lee Schaible
Joel Schapira
Oscar Schapiro
Steven Schartup
Richard Schechter
David Scheck
Robert And Dolores Scheelen
Helen Scheffley
Marta Schellberg
Marlyn Schepers
Carol Scherick
Dennis Scherlacher
Francis Scheuer Ll
Craig Scheunemann
Shirley Scheyer
Annette Schickman
John Schieber
Jennifer Schieffer
David Schiller
Mary Schimmel
Sybil Schlesinger
Fred Schloessinger
E.S. Schloss
Julie Schloss
Paul Schmalzer
Sarah Schmelzer
Doug Schmenner
Herman Schmidt
Jason Schmidt
William Schmidt
Joan Schmitt
N Schmitt
Walter Schmitt Ii
Erik Schnabel
Russell Schnapp
Dan Schneider
Jane E. Schneider
John Schneider
Lynn Schneider
Paula Schneider
Rory Schneider
Mary Schneider, on behalf of The Holographic Repatterning Institute At Austin
Mike Schnoll
Louis Schoen
Paul Schofield
Barbara Sue Scholl
Fred Scholl
Marilyn Scholze
Maribeth Schonberg
Carlota Schone
Harlan Schone
Mary Schor
Marianne Schorer
Tyler Schott
Diane Schrack
Pat Schrader
James Schreve
Jt Schube
Heidi Schubert
Sondra Schulhof
Betsy Schultz
Jim & Connie Schumacher
John Schumann
Dolly Dimple Schumann/Kester
Linda Schupp
Arthur Schurr
Ron Schutte
John Schutz
Richard Schwager
Barry Schwartz
David Schwartz
Ellie Schwartz
Haley Schwartz
Judy Schwartz
Linda Schwartz
Marge Schwartz
Stanley Schwartz
Terry Schwartz
Thomas Schwarz
Kraig Schweiss, on behalf of St. Mary'S School
Elizabeth Schweitzer
Maryann Schwering
Eric Schwing
Bettye Scott
Carl Scott
Cassandra Scott
Cheryl Scott
D. Scott
Dana Scott
Kevin Scott
Robert B. Scott
Pam Scoville
Rozanne Screven
Sheldon Scrivner
Thomas Scully
Barbara Seaman
Suzanne Searle
Carol Sears
Wendy Sears
Nancy Seats
Laroy And Mary Seaver
George Sebastian-Coleman
Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Ms. Harley Sebastian-Lewis
Marilyn Sebek
M. Sechrist
Darral Seekatz
Joe Seeman
Joshua Seff
Ann Segal
Nikki Segall
Ruth Seggerson
Christopher Sego
Ken Sehested
John Seibert
Henry Seiden
Annette Seidenglanz
Fredrick Seil
Susan Seitz
Spencer Selander
David Seldin
Meg Sellers
Leon Seltzer
Rob Seltzer
Robert Sennhauser
Brenda Sens
Carol Sepe
William P Serrani
Kinsey Service
Shanti Services
Vipul Seth
Dwight Seuser
Christina Sever
Miriam Sexton
Gail Shackel
Yasmine Shad
George Shaeffer
Lisa Shafer
Roger Shaff
M Christine Shaffer
Lisa Shah
Floss Shahbegian
Elsy Shallman
James Shambo
Nicky Shane
Philip Shaner
Thomas And Rebecca Shankland
Judith Shapiro
Matthew Shapiro
Robert Shapiro
Mohammed Shareef
Ann Sharkey
Patricia Sharp
Ryan Sharp
Sadaf Shaukat
Ada C Shaum
Ann Shaver
Jon Shaver
Raymond Shaw
Charles Shawver
Tom Shea
Leonard Shea Jr.
Aile Shebar
Marion Sheehan
Nancy Sheehan
Robert Sheely
Gabriel Sheets
Sharon Sheets
Thomas Sheffield
Scott Sheidlower
Joan Shelby
Sam Sheldon
Anni Shelley
Bonnie Shelley
Nancy Shelley
Ellis Shenk
Randi Shenkman
Bill Shepherd
William D Sheppard
Ruth Sheridan
David Sherman
Nancy Sherman
Priscilla Sherman
Kathryn Sherrard
Boyce Sherwin, on behalf of Regional Solutions
Jeanette Sherwood
Richard Shield
James E Shifflett Jr
James Shih
Susan Shipherd
Elizabeth Shipley
Marilyn Shirey
David Shirley
Marvin Shirley
David Shochat
Lynn Shoemaker
Robert Shoemaker
Sydney A. Shollenberger
Jamil Shoot
Lisa Shores
Ruth Short
Andreia Shotwell
Darren Showers
Merle Showers
Rick Shreve
Jim Shubin
Marcia Shumaker
Andrew Shuster
Marilyn Siani
Eric Siebert
Cork And Holly Siegel
Nora Siegel
Anne Siems
Dorothea Sierra
Jewel Siggs
Henry Sikkema
Robert Silberfarb
Jack Silbert
Craig Silbert, on behalf of Bucks County Biscotti Co.
Donald Sillars
David Sills
Dan Silver
Margaret Silver
Paul Silver
Ron Silver
Sally Silver
Henry Silverman
Jane Silverman
Margaret Silvers
Barbara Silverstein
Arnold Simmel
David Simmons
Garen Simmons
Joe Simmons
Melissa Simmons
Lawrence And Alison Simms
Carol Simon
Daniel Simon
Gary Simon
Violet Simon
Stephen Simonds
Vera Simone
Michael Simonet
Margaret Rose Simons
John Simonsen
Brian K Simpson
Christopher Simpson
Mark Simpson
Sarah Singer
Rev. William Sinkford
Amy Sinyard
Alexandra Sipiora
James Sipocz
Richard Sirginson
Tony Sirna
Neal Sirwinski
Joan Sitomer
Grant Sivertsd
John And Janet Skadden
Darcy Skarada
Shelly Skees
Ruth Skerpan
Jonathan Skinner
Roger Skinner
Russell Skinner
Lauence Skirvin
Dave Skogley
Joyce Skolte
Gloria Skouge
Robert Slapin
Bob Slawson
Patricia Slevc
Michael Slosson
Morgan And Connie Sly
Gretchen Small
Justin Small
Thomas Small
Marc Smason
Claiborne Smisson
Audrey Smith
Betsy Smith
Bret Smith
Burton Smith
Charles Smith
Cora Smith
David Smith
Deborah Smith
Dennis Smith
Elske Smith
Gloria Smith
Harriett Smith
Irene Smith
Irl Smith
Jack Smith
Jerry Smith
Kathleen Smith
Kay Smith
Kellie Smith
Lee Smith
Louise M Smith
Lucy Smith
Maria Smith
Mark Smith
Martha Smith
Meridith Smith
Michael Smith
Nicki Smith
Paige Smith
Paula Smith
Philip Smith
Randall Smith
Raymond Smith
Shirley Smith
Steven Smith
Susan Smith
Teresa Smith
Terry Smith
Theodore Smith
Timothy Smith
Phillip Smith, on behalf of Johnny'S Crew Enterprises
Sue Marx Smock
Gerald Smolinsky
Marguerite Smukler
Raymond Smullyan
Douglas C. Smyth
Jerica Smythe
Fiona Sneddon
Jan Sneider-Brown
Michael Snitker
Chris Snively
David Snope
Jean Snow
Donna Snyder
Jean E. Snyder
Maxine Snyder
Todd Snyder
Tom & Mary Ellen Snyder
Hilary Sochacki
Lars Soderkvist
Michael Sodos
Helen Sohne
David Soileau
Charlotte Sokol Blechman
Bruce Solomon
Shelby Solomon
Steven Solomon
Curt Sommer
Warren Sonberg
Armen Sonentz-Papazian
Lewis Songer
Joseph Sonnefeldt
Eileen Sopanen
Bill Sorem, on behalf of Computer Obedience School
Thor Sorensen
David Sorkin
Carol Soroos
William Sorrell
Marylee Southard
Ada Southerland
George Sowards
Mister Sowers
Margaret Sowerwine
Elizabeth Soychak
David Spaans
Suzanne Spain
Jeff Spakowski
Patty Sparks
Alice Speakman
Lauren Spears
N. Spence
Gordon Spencer
Martha Spencer
Sheila Spencer
William Spencer
Kathy Speregen
Edward Spevak
Jonathan Spicer
Julia Spilker
Colleen Spining
Susan Spivack
Linda Spors
Karen Spradlin
Alice Sprickman
Jesse Spurgeon
Richard Spurgeon
Bob Spurr
Debbie Spurrier
Chris Squires
Electra Squires
Joseph Sramek
Linda Srungaram
Sally Sscott
Nancy St Germain
Caitlin St. John
Joseph St.Clair
Jean Stables
Marshall Stackman
Patsy Stacy
Phillip Stager
Katherine Stahl
Paul Stahnke
Judy Staicer
Dr. Jon Staiger
Virginia Stainton
Wells Staley-Mays, on behalf of Peace Action Maine
Louie Stallone
Charles And Mary Stamm
Nancy Stamper
Eddie Stamport
Beth Stanberry
Christine Stanfield
David Stanford
Tanya Stang
Douglas Stangler
J Stanich
Katherine Stanick
Jim Stanley
Norm Stanley
Sandra Stanley
Jack Stansfield
Tim Stanton
Joseph Staples
Paul Starbuck
Erik Stark
William M. / Joyce C. Stark
Carole Starkes
Zachary Stark-Macmillan
Glen Stasen
Barbara Stauber
Theodore Steck
Hubert Steed
Derek Steele
Jenifer Steele
Chris Steffes
Richard Steiger
Barbara Stein
Devonia Stein
Edwin Stein
Eva Steinberg
Ruth Steinberg
Dennis Steiner
Diane Steitz
M John Stella
Jahnavi Stenflo
Jackie Stenger
Dorothy Stensgaard
Gloria Stephens
Jerry Stephens
Deborah Stephenson
Susan Stephenson
David L Stermer Sr
Evelyn Stern
Joan Stern
Cynthia Sterne
Elizabeth Sterner, on behalf of Belkis, Inc
David Stetler
Ann Stetser
Warren Stetzel
Arthur Stevens
Berton Stevens
Charles Stevens
Daru Stevens
Emma Stevens
Summer Stevens
Jeffrey Stevensen
Beth Stevenson
John Stevenson
Kathy Stevenson
Chris Stewart
Geraldine Stewart
Leslie Stewart
Lisa Stewart
Richard Stewart
James R. Stewart Jr.
Edwin Stickney
Charlotte Stiefel
Wayne E. Stiefvater
Virginia Stiepock
David Stiglich
Gerald Stillman
Barbara Stinson
Marilyn Stinson
Susan Stinson
Wesley Stinson
David Stirling
Muriel Stitt
Carolyn Stock
John C Stockton
Alissa Stoehr
Thomas Stoll
John And Martha Stoltenberg
Carl Stone
Christeen Stone
George Stone
James Stone
Jill Stone
Lisa Stone
Mary Lynn Stone
Peter Stone
Vera G Stone
William Stone
William Stoney
Gordon Stonington
Gary Storch
Xand Storm
Robert Story
Bruce Stotts
W. Andrew Stover
Eric Straatsma
Joseph Strach
Daniel Strack
Nicole Strathmann
Nancy Straus
Andrew Strauss
Linda Strauss
Terry Strauss
Claude Strebe
Carla Mae Streeter
Erik Streeter
Karlis Streips
Kevin Streitwieser
Everett Paul Stretch, on behalf of Innovative Digital Design
Loretta Stribling
Randy Stribling
James Strickland
John Strode
Joanne Stroebel
Michael Strollo
Mary-Alice Strom
Kim Strong
Bruce Stroud
Eric Struble
Kay Struckman
Karen Stuart
Pam Stuart
Marian Stubbs
Patrick Studt
Marybeth Stuenkel
J Stufflebeam
Alice Stuhlmacher
Vern Stulken
Ernest Sturdevant
Judy Sturgis
Earl Stutes
Matthew Suddes
Lanora Suggs
Carol Sullivan
Kirsten Sullivan
Maryellen Sullivan
Gerald Summers
Bruce Summitt
Maurice Sumner
Estrellita Sumulong
Jane Sun
Bernita And Ralph Sundquist
Jane Sunshine
Rita Surdi
Valerie Suter
Jerry Sutherlin
Charles Svoboda
Catheriness Swadley
John D Swain
Shakura Cathryn Swann
Anne Swanson
Cathy Swanson
Don Swanson
Scott Swanson
Cy Swartz
Daniel Sweeney
David Sweeney
Jay Sweeney
Shawn Sweeney
Fern Sweet
Barbara Swem
Elaine Swenson
Arthur Swers
Peter Swiderski
Alice Swift
Oliver Swift
Les Switzer
Regina Swygert-Smith
Ibrahim Syed
Marilyn Symonds
Carlyn Syvanen
Jan Szostek
Susan Szulc-Flissi
Kenneth Tabachnick
Susan Tabor
Barry Taft
John Tait
Dr. R.B. Tak-Khan
Joanne And Cathy Talarico
Carla Talbott
Loren Talbott
Marlene Talbott-Green Phd
Tom Tallmadge
Gillian Talwar
Frances Tan
Susan Tanabe
Jeffrey Tancil
Igor Tandetnik
Christopher Tandy, on behalf of Basement Railroaders
Gail Tanner
Ria Tanz Kubota
Jorge Tapia
Amy Tappen
Jon Tardiff
Jeffrey Tarlo
Richard Tarr
Connie Tate
James Tate
Charles Tator
Kristin Tatum
Ronald H. Tatum
Sasha Taus
Michaela Tauscher
Michael Taustine
Jennifer Taveras
Catherine Tavormina
Julia Tawyea
Aileen Taylor
Alan Taylor
Allan Taylor
Don Taylor
Dusty Taylor
Ed Taylor
Fay Taylor
Glenda Taylor
Joanna Taylor
Renick Taylor
Richard Taylor
Robert Taylor
Steven Taylor
Terry Taylor
Timothy Taylor
Tracy Taylor
Joan Teague
Betsy Teays
Rachel Tedesco
Thomas Tedesco
Terry Tedesco-Kerrick
Michele Temple
Tim Tendick
Ya Yun Teng
Susan Termini
Ian Terrell
Barbara Terry
James W Terry
Kristofer Terry
Reginald Terry
Sarah Tesch
Joanne Gage Teske
Glenn Tetterton-Opheim
Jim Thale
Judy Thatch
Byron Thayer
Larry Thelen
Thomas Thiss
Rodger Thomann
Andrea Thomas
Chip Thomas
Frank Thomas
Geoff Thomas
Glyn Thomas
Joanne Thomas
Philip Thomas
Rick Thomas
Roy Thomas
Sara Thomas
Thais Thomas
Theodore Thomas
William C. Thomas
Laird Thomason
Paul Thomason
Amber Thompson
Arleen G. Thompson
Berta Thompson
Carol Thompson
Christopher Thompson
Delores Thompson
Denise Thompson
Don Thompson
James Thompson
John Thompson
Kris Thompson
Lorraine Thompson
Marietta Thompson
Mike Thompson
Rene Thompson
Sonja Thompson
Stewart Thompson
Sue Thompson
Zack Thomsen
John Thomson
Kathi & John Thonet
Edward Thornton
Marge Thornton
Joel And Lajune Thorson
Beverly Threadgill-Robey
Matthew Thuney
Michael Thuot
Laila Thurfjell
John Thurow
Nadya Tichman
John Tierney
Sarah Tiers
Herb Tillem
Joe Tilley
Carol Timm
Lisa Timmermeyer
Mary Tinkham
Helen Tirben
John Tischhauser
Meg Titus
Thomas Tizard
Julia Tobey
Stephen Tobias
Sylvia Tobias
James Tobin
Patrick Tobin Md
Jerome Tobis
Sharon Todd-Elliott
Kenneth Toft
Tlaloc Toikuda
Juan Tolentino
Martine Tomczyk
Michael Tomczyszyn
Karen Toner
William Toner
Kristin Topel
Jennifer Toplitz
Judith Torop
Ana Torres
Javier Torres
Karen Torres
Lana Touchstone
Scott Tougas
Larry Toussaint
John Tovar
Robert Tower
Burke Townsend
Gerald Townsend
Lynne Townsend
Petrus Townsend
Jennifer Tozzi
Barbara Tracy
Emily Tracy
Richard Tracy
Dixie Tracy-Kinney
M. E. Traer
Roland Trainor
Nyko Trakas
Steve Trammell
Stan Trampe
George W. Traub
Alan Traut
Alan And Patricia Trautwein
Robert Travaline
Edward Travis
Tanya Travus
Linda Traynor
Barry Treiche
Dennis Treleven
Shana Tremaine
Galen Trembath
Diane Tremblay
Irene Tremper
Douglas B. Trent, on behalf of Focus Tours
Gene Tresenfeld
Amelia Trevelyan
Gerald Trevor
Patricia Trice
George L. Trigg
Kathleen Troiano
Eileen Troutt-Ervin
Cam Trowbridge
Patricia Troxell
Sidney Trubowitz
Mary True
Kathryn Truex
Darla Truitt
Julie Trujillo
Estevan Trujillo, on behalf of E3 Design Lab
L. S. Truman
Joel Trupin
Ms. Truschel
Joanna Trusdle
Jackie Tryggeseth
Barbara Trypaluk
Claire Tsatsos
Caroline Tucker
Mary Tucker-Pettersen
Mary Tullock
Jeffrey Tunkel
Daniel Turbeville
Kanwarpal Turke
Dennis Turner
Heidi Turner
Jeffrey Turner
Josephine Turner
Phoebe Turner
Robert Turner
Susan Turner
Wilma Turner
Pat Turney
Patricia Tursi
Jason Turuc, on behalf of Jason Turuc
Mary Tuteur
Barbara Tutor
Myrna Tuttle
Sarah Tuttle
J. Gregory Twain
Dennis Tweedy
Joanne Tyler
Judith Tyler Pigossi
Liz Tymkiw
Paul Uecker
James Ulness
L. Elizabeth Ulrop
Julie Unruh
Thomas Uphuas
Bobbie Upson
Lorraine Upton
John Urban
Loretta Uriarte
Beatriz Urrea
Ingrid Utech
Albert Utzig, Jr.
Don Uyeno
Barbara Vaccaro
Israel Valdez
Fay Vale
Suzanne Valencia
Jeffrey Valentine
Karen Valentine
Peter Vallentyne
Anne Vallery
Vivian Valtri Burgess
Richard Van Aken
Dona Van Bloemen
Elaine Van Bruggen
Robert Steven Van Keuren
Lois Van Kirk
Natalie Van Leekwijck
Robin Van Liew
J K Van Nort
Christopher Van Raalte
Peter Van Roekens
Elisabeth Van Wersch
William Van Wyke
James Van Zee
Kathryn Vanbuskirk
Eric Vance
Charles Vancleef
David Vandel
Margo Vanderhill
Barbara Vandermark
Lisa Vandermay
Rosemary Vando
Cris Vandyke
Barbara Vanhorn
Stamatios Varias
Karen Varney
Karen Vasto
Kenneth Vaughan
Michael Vaughan
Connie Vaughn
Farrell Vaughn
Ordell Vee
Lynnette Vega
Jim Veltrie
Marilyn Veltrop
Rama Vemulapalli
Sarah Ventres, on behalf of Healthcare Administrator
Joseph Ventura
Veronica Vera
Anne Veraldi
Christine Verdon
David Vermillion
Arlene Versaw
Davyne Verstandig
Livia Vertova
Mary Vespa
Tony Vetrano
Mary Vidakis
John Vieira
Debra Vigil
Barbara Viken
Carole Vila
Sydney Vilen
Frank Villani
Penny Villegas
Gail Vincent
George Vincent
Margot Vincent
Paula Vincent-Cowan
James Viney
Dana Vinicoff
James Vinson
Robert Vitale
Heidi Vlasak
Stan Vogel-Leutung
Diane Vogelman
Gary Vogt
Deborah J Volk
Chris Volke
Peter Volkert
Dorothy Vollans
Joe And Mary Volpe
Rebecca Von Duering
Karla Von Huben
Robert Von Tobel
Claudia Von Wilpert
Claudia Vondrasek
Deborah Voorhees
Bill & Marilyn Voorhies
Robin Vosburg
Paul Voytas
Terry Vreeland
Pierre Vuilleumier
Kendra Waddell
Maria Waddell
Robert Waddell
Dennis Wade
Lauren Wade
Walter Wager
Jennifer Waggoner
Art Wagner
Joanne Wagner
Michael Wagner
Sandra Wagner
Scott Wagner
Erin Wagoner
Mark Wainger
George Walberg
Jeriene Walberg
Aloysius Wald
Gilbert Wald
Gloria Waldeck
Erin Walding
Annamay Waldman
Scott Waldron
Charlotte Wales
Alan Walker
Christopher Walker
Elizabeth A Walker
John Walker
Laraine Walker
Laurie Walker
Neal Walker
Ruth Walker
William Walker
Jean Wall
Lireva Wall
Cris Walla
Chela Wallace
Glenn Wallace
Mariel Wallace
Natasha Wallace
Peggy Wallace
Wyatt Wallace
Shirley Wallack
Paul And Joan Waller
William Walllin
Al Walp
John Walsh
Peter Walsh
Sigrid Walsh
Simon Walsh
Tim Walstrum
Marilyn Waltasti
Alta Walters
Patricia Walters
Wendy Walters
Edward Walworth Md
Wendy Wamser
David Wandrei
Deborah Wang
Ann B. Ward
Joseph Ward
Philip Ward
Ms. Stacey A. Ward, Esq.
C. Samuel Warden, Jr.
Herbert Ware
William Ware
Brigit Waring
Carol Warner
Kelly Warner
Arpana Warren
Charles Warren
Christopher Warren
Pam Warren
Ronald Warren
Roxanne Warren
Roberta Warshaw
Catherine Warwick
Art Washburn
Nellie Washburn
Patsy Washburn
Leslie Washington
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, on behalf of The Shalom Center
Jerome Wasserman
Sulaiman Wasty
Katharyn Waterfield
Rose B. Waterman
Ken Waters
Wayne Wathen
David Watkins
Kevin Watkins
Lynn Watkins
Michael Watkins
Richard Watkins
Courtney Watson
Danny Watson
Devon Watson
Ingrid G. Watson
Peter Watson
Michael Wattam
Anne Watts
Susan Watts
Pam Waugh-Wagoner
David Way
Jan Weaver
Michael Weaver
Verba Weaver
Fern Webb
Susan Webb
T.Ed. Webb
Joeline Webber
Bonnie Weber
Ron Weber
Stephen G. Weber
Susan Weber
Kristina Webster
Dana Weckesser
Eric Wedel
Eldon Wedlock
Ardeth L. Weed
David Wegner
Molly Weigel
Don Weil
Kevin Weil
Richard Weil
Kurt Weiland, on behalf of Jefferson Smith Training And Consulting
Marvin Weinberger
Nona Weiner
Robert Weingart
Anne Weinlich Miltenberg
Elyette Weinstein
Frances Weinstock
Michael Weinstock
Judy Weintraub
Denise Weintraut
Chuck Weirauch
Laura Weisberg
Dolores Weisenreider
Bram Weiser
Jennifer M Weishaar
Garry Weisman
Carolyn Weiss
James Weiss
Robert Weiss
Stuart Weiss
Terri Weiss
Eric Weissberg
Barbara Weitz
Jill Weitz
Stephen Weitz
Barbara Welch
Genya Welch
Angelique Welker
Mary Wellemeyer
Holly Wells
Nancy Wells Pratt
Mary Welsh
Fred Welty
Angela Werneke
Katherine Werner
Ralph Werner
Vivian Werner
Margaret Wessels
Brandon West
Carter West
Elisabeth West
Jack & Jan West
Mark West
Norman West
Rob West
Sara West
Gail Westbrook
Robert Westover
Beatrice Westrate
Nicole Westre
Pam Wetzels
Margaret Weyand
Ann Whalin
William Wharton
Kristen Wheatley
Richard Wheatley, Sr, Phd
Marsha Wheaton
Jessica Wheeler
Robert Wheeler
Charles Whitacre
John Whitcraft
Charles White
George White
Jodi White
Kay White
Kirk White
Mona White
Nancy White
Nathaniel White
William White
William P. White
Judy Whitehouse
Shawn Whiteman
Allan Whitesel
Martha Whitman
Ellen Whitmore
Mary Whitmore
Gail Whitten
Nathaniel Whorton
Den Mark Wichar
Judy Wicks
Erik Wielenberg
Michael Wiener
Ned Wight
Lila Wilbarger
Margaret Wilbur
Dorothy Wilcox
Betty Wilde
Donna Wildschut
John Wiles Iii
Carol Wiley
David Wiley
Deborah Wiley
Janice Wilfing
Robert Wilhelm
Robert Wilkerson
Lorraine Wilkinson
Wayne Wilkinson
David Willett
Steven Willhite
Barbara Williams
Brian Williams
Chanon Williams
Dolores Williams
Donna Williams
Dwight Williams
Elaine Williams
Frederick Williams
J L T Williams
James Williams
Janet Williams
John Williams
Mary B. Williams
Mary Lou Williams
Melissa Williams
Susan Williams
Wayne Williams
Bill Williamson
Craig Williamson
Maria Williamson
Richard Willing
Margaret Willingham
Martha Willis
Nicole Willison
Sharon Willmann
Judith Willoughby
Mike Wills
Donald Wilner
Linda Wilscam
Lynn Wilsey
Andrew Wilson
Cindy & Bill Wilson
Darcy Wilson
Gary Wilson
Helen Wilson
Larry Wilson
Pete Wilson
Sandy Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Warner Wilson
William Wilson
Howard Winant
Suzanne Winch
Ken Windrum
Rebecca Wines
William Wing
Samuel Wingard
Betty Winholtz
Steven Winkel
Celeste Winkle
Carol Winkler
Debora Winn
Fred Winn
Howard Winn
Janet Winn
Tracy Winn
Karen Winnubst
Lee Winslow
Greg Winston
Leslie Winston
Sheila Winston
Brenda Winter
Charles Winter
Gail Winter
Herbert Winter
John Wion
Margaret Wisdom-Lobo
Liz Wise
Ernest Wisian
Alice Witchel
Frank Withrow
Evelyn Witkin
Susan Witkovsky
John Witmer
Barbara Witt
William Wittenborn
Andreas Wittenstein
Katarina Wittich
Chris Witting
Marjorie Witting
Pauline Wittry
Margaret Wodetzki
Patrice Woeppel
Marc Woersching
Roger Woitte
Barbara Wolcott
Donald Wolf
Joe Wolf
Mary Ann Wolf
Rachel Wolf
Charles Wolfe
Jessica Wolfe
Joseph Wolfe
Lorene Wolfe
Richard Wolfe
Terry Wolfe
Jake Wolfhart, on behalf of Peace Works
Carolyn Wolin
Stanley Woll
Mary Wollitz-Dooley
Edwin B. Womack
Kent Womack
Howard Woo
Christopher Wood
Margaret Wood
Paul Woodall
Sandra Woodall
Jane Woodard
Scott Woodard
Joyce D Woodfield
Carol Woodliff
Jenny Woodruff
Marlon Woodward
Robert Wooldridge
Alex Woolery
Don Woolf
Clifford D. Worden
Michael Workman
Wickard Workman
Craig Worrel
Cornelia Worsley
Morris Wortelboer
Jackie Worthington
Paul Wrangell
Roberta Wray
Barbara Wright
Clark Wright
Edward Wright
Warren Wright
Chadwick Wright, M.D., Ph.D.
Susan Wrightsman
Mason Wu
Sylvia Wulf
Devona Wyant
Maria Wyatt
Mike Wygant
Craig Wylie
Diane Wynne
Mary Xakellis Chapman
Theresa Yandell
Deborah Yeager
Patti Yeager
Sandra Yeager
Steven Yellin
John Yerges
Glenn Yocum
Harvey Yoder
Sylvia Yoder
Rona Yohalem
Margaret Yonco-Haines
Thomas Yondorf
Alan Yorgason
Ben York
Elden York
Martha Yoshida
Geoffrey Yost
Sandy Yost
Joe Youmans
Cara Young
David Young
Frank Young
Kristofer Young
Pat Young
Rev. Michael Young
Robert Young
Steven Young
William Young
Allison Youngs
Steve Yourst
Anita Yu
Fayyadh Yusuf
Jeff Zadzilka
Stella Zahn
Robert Zahniser
Renee Zajac
Nancy Zak
Mary Zamagni
Amir Zaman
V. Lazaro Zamora
Jurek Zamoyski
Jeff Zander
Marilyn Zayac
Theresa Zaydel
J Zazow
Susan Zeiger
Joseph Zeigler
Jacqueline Zeiler
Andrew Zeiler, on behalf of Body, Heart, And Spirit Counseling
Bernie Zelazny
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