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Legislative Review of 2014



The 2014 legislative session ended at midnight on April 7. But the work of Common Cause Maryland continues with local campaigns, monitoring the elections, and much more! Make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter and sign up for email alerts to get the latest updates.


Legislative Session in Review

The 2014 legislative session was an opportunity to begin a debate around several key reforms. With significant victories in 2013, and an election just a few months away, there was little doubt that this would be a quiet year for good government issues.

The legislature did pass some bills that tightened up our ethics code and moved Maryland forward towards easier access to public data. But they also missed opportunities to address the rising flood of money in politics and other critical reforms such as redistricting. These issues will certainly be back on the table in 2015. Just days before the legislative session ended, the Supreme Court struck down aggregate campaign finance limits with their decision in McCutcheon. This will directly impact our coming elections and puts even more pressure on the legislature to address the growing problem of money in politics.

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Lobby Like a Pro

We had a fabulous inaugural class for our Lobby Like a Pro training. We plan to offer a brush-up course in December and the full course starting again in January. Thank you to everyone who participated!