Celebrate 40 Years with Common Cause 

Our 40th Anniversary Celebration

The only way that our 40th anniversary could have been better would have been to have each and every one of Common Cause's 400,000 members and supporters join us on October 5 and 6 for a democracy reform conference and gala dinner.


But since we couldn't find a meeting room big enough to hold you all, please enjoy these highlights:


Gala photos   

Conference photos

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Video of Robert Reich's keynote address
at the gala

Video of Arianna Huffington's keynote address
at the conference

See more videos on our YouTube channel.



Recaps on CommonBlog:


40th Conference and gala: A wrap-up

Robert Reich's comments on the 40th Anniversary of Common Cause 

Bill Moyers’ Remarks on 40th Anniversary of Common Cause 

40th Conference: Closing plenary — Connecting democracy reform to core values

40th Conference: Open and Secure Elections, 2012 and Beyond

40th Conference: Building the Movement – Organizing Beyond the Beltway

40th Conference: OCE in the crosshairs

40th Conference: A look back and a look ahead

40th Conference: State Responses to Citizens United

40th Conference: The Filibuster — Toward majority rule that protects the minority

40th Conference: Election Protection 2010

40th Conference: Making the case for Fair Elections Now

40th Conference: Why Opening Up Our Democracy is Critical to Progress

40th Conference: Keynote by Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post


In this, our 40th year, please consider making a special gift in celebration of our past achievements and with hope for what lies ahead.