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Let's Turn Up the Heat for Fair Elections

By now you've probably heard the bad news from Albany. We came close, but the state senate has adjourned without a full vote on the Fair Elections bill. Despite all the corruption in state government, all the evidence of the corrosive power of big money in our politics, obstructionists in the Senate were able to block supporters of this vital legislation from getting it to the floor for debate and a vote. Let's Finish the Job and Pass Fair Elections in the State Senate - Call Today!.



Tell the New York Legislature: Pass Fair Elections Now!

Here in New York, our election system is broken and breeds corruption. Candidates run for office with a few huge contributions from special interests groups, leaving regular New Yorkers out of the process. With publicly financed Fair Elections, candidates raise small contributions from everday folks. The impact of their donation is multiplied because it's matched with public funds. With Fair Elections, we'll finally have a say in who represents us in Albany! Sign the Petition.


Is Your State Legislator a Member of ALEC?

ALEC boasts on their website that nearly 2,000 state legislators are members of their organization. They sit side-by-side with corporations and collaborate to draft "model" bills that reach into almost every area of American life (For example: voting ID laws, anti-immigration laws, weakening environmental laws, the "stand your ground" law, and eliminating collective bargaining rights). They work in concert to get those bills passed in statehouses across the country, putting corporate interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans.
Is Your New York State Legislator a Member of ALEC? Help us find out, click here for more info.


Where Does Your Council Member Stand?

Bills addressing important issues facing New York City residents deserve a vote in the City Council! Important bills don't get a vote because decision-making is overly centralized in the Council. Council Members should be able to do their jobs and get a vote on important bills. This situation must change! Is your Councilmember satisfied with the status quo or willing to do something about it?
We've delivered a letter to every member of the City council and need your help to get answers from every Council member who has not responded, to thank everyone that is supporting and urge those opposing to change their position. Click here to see the scorecard and learn more.