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Common Cause Internship Program

Each spring, summer and fall, Common Cause offers internships in Washington, DC to students from across the country.  Interns work closely with national staff on grassroots organizing efforts, research and writing of policy papers and investigative studies, outreach to members of Congress and their staffs, e-advocacy, and fundraising.

Through training and daily work experience, interns gain a deep understanding of the workings of Congress, the Executive Branch and grassroots lobbying.  Weekly briefings with key Common Cause staff keep interns up-to-date on our highest priority campaigns and the strategies we are pursuing.

The Common Cause intership program was named one of the best in the country by the Princeton Review.

Common Cause summer 2012 interns

Common Cause summer 2012 interns

Internship opportunities

Internships are available in the following areas:

  • Campaign Finance
  • Election Reform 
  • Government Accountability 
  • Press & Communications
  • Web Development & Online Activism
  • Development & Fundraising 


Undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates are welcome to apply.

Application Process
Please submit the following materials in .doc or .pdf format:


1) Cover letter, including why you want to intern at Common Cause

2) Resume

3) Two or three references, including email addresses and phone numbers 

Submit all materials to tleatherberry [at] commoncause.org.

Other internship opportunities

Democracy Matters campus-based internships

Students who are interested in organizing on their campuses for campaign finance and election reform are encouraged to apply for paid internships with Democracy Matters, A campus organizing partner of Common Cause.

Interning at a State Office

Many of our state offices also welcome interns.  Please contact your state office directly to find out about current opportunities.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Will I Get Out of a Common Cause Internship?

In addition to the work experience gained on your specific issue, you will get an insider's understanding of the legislative process, become a better citizen and student activist, learn more than you thought possible about holding power accountable, and gain exposure to the way a large nonprofit organization operates. Through all this, you will have access to a myriad of information which is great for writing papers.

Are There Specific Majors That Are Required?

No. We are primarily looking for college students with a public interest commitment and an interest in the political process.

When is the Internship?

We offer internships in our national office during each semester, as well as for the summer months.

Is the Internship Full-Time?

Internship schedules are very flexible. We welcome full-time interns, but we can easily accommodate class schedules and other commitments.

Can Interns Get Academic Credit?

That is between you and your school. We are happy to complete evaluations or assign grades if these procedures are required for credit.

How Many Interns Does Common Cause Have Each Semester?

In the summer there will be anywhere from 8-15 interns. In the spring and fall there will be 3-4 interns.

What Type of Work Can I Expect to do as a Common Cause Intern?

Common Cause Interns will do all sorts of work. Depending on your strengths, you may be asked to write letters to lawmakers, to help organize meetings and events, or to do research within your area of interest. While we always have plenty of substantive work for our interns, you will probably also be asked to provide administrative assistance and support for our staff from time to time.

Is Housing Provided?

No, but we can give you the phone numbers for housing offices of local universities. These universities provide some of the most reasonable and convenient housing available for short-term residents.

Does Common Cause Pay Its Interns?

No, but you will be reimbursed for your daily travel to and from the Common Cause office.