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Common Cause National


   Miles Rapoport, President, 202-736-5740
   Bette Marchant, Sr. Vice President for Operations and CFO, 202-736-5745

   Karen Hobert Flynn, Sr. Vice President for Strategy and Programs , 860-729-8634

   Mary Boyle, Vice President for Communications, 202-736-5770
   Jenny Rose Flanagan, Vice President for State Operations, Director of Voting and Elections, 303-842-1515  
   Nancy Sturm, Managing Director of Development, 202-736-5713   
   Arn Pearson, Vice President for Policy and Litigation, 207-272-2886



   James Browning, Regional Director of State Operations, 215-605-6315

   Marilyn Carpinteyro, Regional Director, 202-736-5737

   Michael Copps, Special Advisor for Media and Democracy Reform Initiative, 202-736-5797
   Susannah Goodman, Director of Corporate Accountability, 202-736-5777
   Tracy Leatherberry, Youth Outreach Coordinator, 202-736-5710
   Todd O'Boyle, Director for Media and Democracy, 202-736-5797
   Aaron Scherb, Director of Legislative Affairs, 202-736-5726
   Stephen Spaulding, Policy Counsel, 202-736-5781


   Dale Eisman, Senior Writer/Researcher, 202-736-5788

   Jack Mumby, Digital Producer, 202-736-5738

   Marissa Valeri, Digital Strategies Manager, 202-736-5771

Development and Membership

   Brooke Erdmann, West Coast Development Coordinator, 213-252-4552 
   Gary Ferdman, Assistant to the President, 212-691-6421, Ext. 205

   Vernell Grissom, Membership Services, 202-736-5791

   Vicki Manning, Development Assistant, 202-736-5723

   Trina Ramsey, Director of Major Gifts, 202-736-5744

   Susan Schreiber, Associate VP for Foundation Grants, 202-736-5776
   Cecilia Ventura, Development Associate, 202-736-5739

   Dennis Wallick, Database Administrator, 202-736-5733


Finance and Administration

   Rob Adams, Finance Assistant, 202-736-5755

   Patricia Bennett, Director of Human Resources, 202-736-5764

   Betty Brossy, Receptionist, 202-833-1200

   Darcy Cox, Staff Accountant, 202-736-5773
   Damon V. Hribal, Network Administrator, 202-736-5765
   Karen Watson, Senior Accountant, 202-736-5780


Common Cause in the States


State Leadership
   Karen Hobert Flynn, Sr. Vice President for Strategy and Programs, 860-729-8634 
   Jenny Rose Flanagan, Vice President for State operations, 303-842-1515     
   James Browning, Regional Director of State Operations, 215-605-6315

   Marilyn Carpinteyro, Regional Director, 202-736-5737



   Art English, State Chair



   Kathay Feng, Executive Director, 213-623-1216
   Helen Grieco, Northern California Organizer, 415-531-1774
   John Smith, Southern California Organizer, 562-237-3482

   Sarah Swanbeck, Policy and Legislative Affairs Advocate, 916-520-4070
   Leila Pedersen, State Policy Coordinator, 213-623-1216
   Hinnaneh Qazi, Operations Coordinator, 213-623-1216

   Arshya Sharifian, Voter Engagement Organizer, 818-577-8192

   Dan Vicuna, National Redistricting Coordinator, 202-736-5750
   Todd Dipaola, State Chair



   Elena Nunez, Executive Director, 303-292-2163
   Katie Dahl, Associate Director, 303-292-2163

   Elizabeth Steele, Just Vote Manager, 303-292-2163

   Caitlin Schneider, Just Vote Organizer, 303-292-2163

   Nan Morehead, State Chair



   Cheri Quickmire, Executive Director, 860-549-1220

   Kim Hynes, Senior Organizer, 860-549-1220

   Dr. Bilal Dabir Sekou, State Chair   

   Dee Durham, Delaware Campaign Director, 302-656-9109 x12
   Jeffrey Raffel, State Chair


   Peter Butzin, State Chair



   William Perry, Executive Director, 404-524-4598

   Ryan Splitlog, Assistant Director

   Rachel Bradley, Social Media/Web Management Associate, 404-524-4598

   Lesley Ward, State Chair

   Carmille Lim, Executive Director, 808-275-6275
   Corie Tanida, Project Coordinator

   Jo Kamae Byrne, State Chair


   Rey López-Calderón, Executive Director, 312-344-3674


   Julia Vaughn, Policy Director/Contract Lobbyist, 317-432-3264

   Roberta Schonemann, State Chair



   Richard Beliles, State Chair



   Wendell Lindsey, State Chair

   Arn Pearson, Spokesperson, 207-272-2886


   Jennifer Bevan-Dangel, Executive Director, 410-303-7954



   Pam Wilmot, Executive Director, 617-426-9600
   Tyler Creighton, Field Director, 617-426-9600

   Peter Sturges, State Chair


   Melanie McElroy, Executive Director, 517-610-2576



   Jeremy Schroeder, Executive Director

   Eric Bell, Organizer



   Lynn Evans, State Chair



   Nancy Comer and Roger Holmes, State Chairs


New Jersey

   Marilyn Carpinteyro, Spokesperson      


New Mexico

   Viki Harrison, Executive Director, 505-323-6399
   Diane Wood, Voting Rights Director

   Jim Harrington and Steve Carter, State Chairs


New York

   Susan Lerner, Executive Director, 212-691-6421 x202
   Joel Befus, Bookkeeper, 212-691-6421 x216
   Brian Paul, Research & Policy Coordinator, 212-691-6421 x206

   Susan Rubenstein, State Chair


North Carolina

   Bob Phillips, Executive Director, 919-836-0027
   Jane Pinsky, Associate Director, 919-836-0027

   Masac Dorlouis, Campus Outreach Coordinator, 919-836-0027

   Larry King, State Chair



   Sam Gresham, State Chair



   Lynn Howell, State Chair

   Kate Titus, Executive Director, 503-283-1922
   Kappy Eaton, State Chair



   Barry Kauffman, Executive Director, 717-232-9951

   Nancy Gippert, State Chair


Rhode Island

   John Marion, Executive Director, 401-861-2322
   Caroline Mailloux, Associate Director, 401-861-2322


South Carolina

   John Crangle, 803-776-2952

   Sarah Leverette, State Chair

   Dick Williams, State Chair


   John Courage, State Chair

   Tracy Taylor, State Chair



   Peter Galbraith, State Chair



   Jay Heck, Executive Director, 608-256-2686

   Sandra Miller, Outreach and Information Services Director, 608-256-2686

   Maxine Hough and Bill Kraus, State Co-Chairs