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Derek Cressman


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Derek Cressman serves as Common Cause's vice president for state operations. He is leading Common Cause’s efforts to restore the Constitution with an amendment that reverses the Citizens United v. FEC ruling and he has spoken extensively on corporate money in politics.

Derek played a lead role in organizing a January 2011 Uncloak the Kochs rally in Palm Springs, California that garnered national media attention to expose the hundreds of millions of dollars that Koch Industries and allied billionaires have spent to influence the political process.

Cressman has worked professionally on democracy issues since 1995 as Director of the State PIRGs Democracy Program and founder and director of TheRestofUs.org. He has testified before the United States Senate, California Assembly and Senate, California Fair Political Practices Commission, served as an expert in federal litigation, and authored and co-authored numerous reports as well as one book: The Recall’s Broken Promise—How Big Money Still Runs California Politics.

He joined the Common Cause staff in 2007 and graduated with honors from Williams College with a degree in political science in 1990.