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Susannah Goodman


Susannah Goodman202-736-5777
sgoodman AT commoncause DOT org


Susannah Goodman directs Common Cause's national campaign for election reform, working with national staff and Common Cause state offices and a wide range of coalition partners and advisors to press for reforms that repair and strengthen our voting system at both state and federal level: solutions for partisan election administration, the passage of federal legislation requiring voter verified paper ballots and mandatory audits, and support of measures that increase current and prospective voters' access to the polls, such as Election Day registration and no-excuse permanent absentee voting.

Susannah joined Common Cause in 2004 after more than 15 years of working on issues related to shareholder rights, personal finance, and consumer and environmental protection.  She is the author of a personal finance book for women and co-author of numerous reports and articles. Susannah also worked for six years as a lobbyist and organizer for Public Citizen.

She is a graduate of Wesleyan University.