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Common Cause/NY conducts detailed research and analysis on a wide range of issues. Below is a listing of CCNY's past research reports. Be sure to check back periodically for new CCNY research reports.




Report Title  


January 2014

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets in NYS

Pro-fracking interests spent $64.3 million from 2007 to 2013. New report reveals 199 pro-fracking interests outspent anti-fracking groups by nearly 9 to 1

December 2013

People Love It: Experience with Early Voting in Selected U.S. Counties

Examines six states (Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio) to evaluate the relative systems of early voting as a possible model for New York State.

November 2013

IE Spending Explodes in the 2013 NYC Election Cycle

Common Cause/NY Analysis: IEs totaled over $15M, roughly 15% of total candidate expenditures

October 2013

Moreland Monday - "Prescription for Influence" – Big Pharma's NYS Campaign Contributions

Since 2005, top pharmaceutical companies have paid out over $5 million to New York politicians and committees

October 2013

Moreland Monday - Gambling interests "stacking the deck" in favor of constitutional amendment

Since 2011, gambling interests have paid out over $3.2 million to New York politicians and committees

September 2013

Moreland Monday - Political cash buys Big Telecom veto power over bills

Since 2005, Big Telecom has given nearly $12 million in exchange for lax regulations and lucrative tax breaks

September 2013

Analysis of NYS Legislators Personal Financial Interests

Based on information legislators filed with the Legislative Ethics Commission and Joint Commission on Public Ethics earlier this year

August 2013

"Moreland Monday" Analysis of soft money housekeeping accounts

Since 2006, parties have taken in nearly $98 million in soft money contributions, more than half of it from just 59 donors

August 2013

"Moreland Monday" Analysis of REBNY Contributions

From 2011 to July 2013, over 70% of REBNY contributions to State Senate candidates went to districts outside of New York City

July 2013

"Moreland Monday" Analysis of Pro-Fracking Contributions

Analysis Shows Pro-Fracking Interests Contributed Over $14 Million to New York State & Local Candidates & Committees from 2007-March 2013

July 2013

Analysis of NYSDC Soft Money Fundraising, Top Donors

$5.9 million in first-half 2013 is already the largest sum ever raised by a soft money account in a single year

May 2013

Generating Influence

Entergy's Political Spending and the Battle over Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

May 2013

The Life of the Party 2013

Hard Facts on Soft Money "Housekeeping" Accounts in New York State

December 2012

Fracking-Related Campaign Contributions in Southern Tier Elections

Analysis finds pro-fracking interests donated nearly $400,000 in 10 races

December 2012

Gun Money in NYS

Gun Money in New York State

October 2012

SuperPAC Memo to the Press

Big New York Donors Give $30.7 million to Federal SuperPACs and $8.9 million in NYS, $11.4M to Romney and $6.7M to Obama. Fair Elections only answer for New York

September 2012

Too Political?

Obstacles to Voter Registration Drives In New York City

September 2012

Stacking the Deck

The Gambling Industry's Political Spending in New York State

April 2012

Playing the Influence Market

Analysis of Hedge Fund Campaign Contributions In New York State

January 2012

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets: Part 3

Expenditures of the Natural Gas Industry in New York - Campaign Contributions

November 2011

National Fuel: Power Player in New York State

Connect the Dots: National Fuel influence on policy in Western NY and the Southern Tier

November 2011

Park 51 and Beyond: Building Community from Controversy

An analysis and toolkit by Common Cause New York With New York Neighbors for American Values

November 2011

An Approach To Performance Reporting On New York State Services To The Neediest Citizens

This white paper focuses on performance reporting for the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program, it also included a review of current best practices in performance reporting overall.

June 2011

Lifting The Veil

A Report Analyzing Grassroots Lobbying in New York State and Recommending Amendments to the Lobbying Act

June 2011

Big Money Spent in Albany to Influence Housing Policy

Rent Regulation and the 421A Subsidy

May 2011

Campaign Contributions from Big Banks & Real Estate Developers

New York Campaign Contributions from Big Banks & Real Estate Developers Hit New Highs in 2010

May 2011

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets: Part 2

Expenditures of the Natural Gas Industry in New York - Lobbying Expenditures

Summer 2010

Educating the Electorate

A Report on the Board of Elections Voter Learning Centers

July 2010

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets: Part 1

Expenditures of the Natural Gas Industry in New York - Lobbying Expenditures

November 2008

Connect the Dots: The Cable TV Industry

The Cable TV Industry: Hardwiring Influence. Why do Cable Companies Spend so Heavily in New York?

September 2008

Ask Yourself Why... They Didn't See This Coming

Discusses the connection between the lobbying and campaign contributions of mortgage bankers and brokers and Congress’ failure to stop or even respond forcefully to one of the biggest financial crisis in recent history.

August 2008

Connect the Dots: The Bid for New York's Racetracks

Off to the Tracks for the Money Race

April 2007

Connect the Dots: The Battle of the Bottle

Bigger, Better Bottle Bill Sparks Big Spending in Albany

August 2006

The Life of the Party: Hard Facts on Soft Money in New York State

This report proves that the aim of NY's election laws, namely to prevent corruption by ensuring that our lawmakers are not beholden to wealthy special interests that can bankroll their campaigns, is undermined by an important loophole and by the fact that New York’s contribution limits are extraordinarily high compared to those set by other states and the federal government.

July 2006

Connect the Dots: Energy

Will Big Bucks Zap New York’s Energy Supply?

March 2006

The $2,100 Club

What New York State Political Campaigns Cost, How Much Those Costs are Rising and Who’s Footing the Bill

December 2005

Connect the Dots: Liberty Bonds

Liberty Bonds Free Up Funds for Campaign Contributors

July 2005

Connect the Dots: Budget Reform

Poor State Budget Process Leads to Gridlock and Dysfunction


The Players: Rebuilding Lower Manhattan

Learn about the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and other players in the downtown rebuilding process

Feb 2005

Connect the Dots: The West Side Stadium

The Jets' Stadium and West Side Redevelopment: Football Match Up Leaves New Yorkers on the Bench

November 2004

Connect the Dots: The Help America Vote Act

Will it Help or Hinder NY Voters?

April 2004

Connect the Dots: Garbage Grinders

Mandatory Garbage Grinder Installation: Taxpayer Dollars Down the Drain?

December 2003

Connect the Dots: Entergy Corporation

Entergy Corporation's Campaign Contributions and Lobbying Spending on the Local, State and Federal Levels

November 2003

Connect the Dots: The Indian Point Nuclear Power Facility

Entergy Generates Influence. Will Cash and Connections Overpower Serious Debate?

July 2003

Connect the Dots: Rent Regulations

Landlords Give Generously in Albany: Rent Regulations Slowly Disappear


Connect the Dots: Predatory Lending

Speical Interests Spend Millions in Albany to Fight Anti-Predatory Lending Law

June 2003

Connect the Dots: Tabacco

Big Tabacco's Big Money Stalls Popular Smoking Ban For Years

June 2003

Connect the Dots: MTA

Public Authority Leaves New Yorkers in the Dark

March 2003

Connect the Dots: Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead Poisoning Legislation Stalls as Campaign Contributions Flow


Connect the Dots: Gambling

The Gambling Industry pays its way to Influence in Albany


Connect the Dots: The Power Industry

The Power Industry exerts its Influence


Connect the Dots: Prescription Drug Prices

The Drup Industry's Prescription for Power


A People’s Constitutional Convention for New York?

A briefing paper describing the process of holding a Constitutional Convention.


Disclosure Denied: How 19th Century technology conceals campaign finance information from the public

Report on the benefits of computerization of campaign finance data.


All Politics is Local: A Survey of New York State Counties’ Laws Regulating Lobbying. A Citizen’s Guide for Reform

Report examines how local governments track the activities of lobbyists and special interests.


Fighting for a People’s Convention: Campaign Finance and the New York State Constitutional Convention

New York won't have a representative, "People's Convention" unless we reform campaign finance laws for delegate elections to meet these two goals, namely (1) prevent wealthy special-interest groups gaining undue influence over candidates; or (2) allow serious but under-funded or independent candidates a viable chance of election.


Keeping Voters in the Dark: How 19th Century technology and ineffective laws conceal campaign finance information from the public

This report calls for the State Legislature to take immediate steps to reform disclosure practices and laws, beginning with a recommendation made seven years ago by the State Commission on Government Integrity: computerization of campaign finance data.


Over the Top: Corporations Exceeding the Limits of New York State Campaign Finance Law

This Common Cause and NYPIRG investigation is in compliance with campaign finance law limits for corporate donors and a call for further campaign finance reforms.


The Best Environmental Policy Money Can Buy?

A Joint Study by Common Cause and Citizens Environmental Coalition on the issue of special access and the impact of campaign contributions by corporations with major financial stakes in the state’s environmental policy.