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Common Cause NY provides background information, analysis, and we offer recommendations on election reform, government accountability, ethics reform and campaign finance reform. We hope you will find these resources informative and eye-opening.

Money In Politics

Much of Common Cause/NY's research focuses on money in politics. These are designed to help New Yorkers understand how campaign contributions and lobby spending impact state and local policy on issues ranging from the environment to housing to health.

Recent Reports

Connect the Dots: Money in Politics

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets in NYS- Pro-fracking interests spent $64.3 million from 2007 to 2013.New report reveals 199 pro-fracking interests outspent anti-fracking groups by nearly 9 to 1

IE Spending Explodes in the 2013 NYC Election Cycle - Common Cause/NY Analysis: IEs totaled over $15M, roughly 15% of total candidate expenditures

Analysis of NYSDC Soft Money Fundraising, Top Donors - $5.9 million in first-half 2013 is already the largest sum ever raised by a soft money account in a single year

Generating Influence: Entergy's Political Spending and the Battle over Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

The Life of the Party 2013: Hard Facts on Soft Money "Housekeeping" Accounts in New York State

Fracking-Related Campaign Contributions in Southern Tier Elections : Analysis finds pro-fracking interests donated nearly $400,000 in 10 races

Gun Money in New York State

SuperPAC Memo - Big New York Donors Give $30.7 million to Federal SuperPACs and $8.9 million in NYS, $11.4M to Romney and $6.7M to Obama.

Stacking the Deck: The Gambling Industry's Political Spending in New York State

Playing the Influence Market: Analysis of Hedge Fund Campaign Contributions In New York State 

Lobbying/Political Advertising

Lifting The Veil: A Report Analyzing Grassroots Lobbying in New York State and Recommending Amendments to the Lobbying Act

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Moreland Mondays

"Moreland Monday" - highlighting the failings of our campaign finance system

"Prescription for Influence" – Big Pharma's NYS Campaign Contributions - Since 2005, top pharmaceutical companies have paid out over $5 million to New York politicians and committees

Gambling interests "stacking the deck" in favor of constitutional amendment - Since 2011, gambling interests have paid out over $3.2 million to New York politicians and committees

Political cash buys Big Telecom veto power over bills - Since 2005, Big Telecom has given nearly $12 million in exchange for lax regulations and lucrative tax breaks

Analysis of soft money housekeeping accounts - Since 2006, parties have taken in nearly $98 million in soft money contributions, more than half of it from just 59 donors

Analysis of REBNY Contributions - From 2011 to July 2013, over 70% of REBNY contributions to State Senate candidates went to districts outside of New York City

Analysis of Pro-Fracking Contributions - Pro-Fracking Interests Contributed Over $14 Million to New York State & Local Candidates & Committees from 2007-March 2013

Other Reports

People Love It: Experience with Early Voting in Selected U.S. Counties
Examines six states (Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio) to evaluate the relative systems of early voting as a possible model for New York State.

Analysis of NYS Legislators Personal Financial Interests
based on information legislators filed with the Legislative Ethics Commission and Joint Commission on Public Ethics earlier this year.

Too Political?
Obstacles to Voter Registration Drives In New York City

An Approach To Performance Reporting On New York State Services To The Neediest Citizens.
This white paper focuses on performance reporting for the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program, it also included a review of current best practices in performance reporting overall.

 Park 51 and Beyond: Building Community from Controversy
An analysis and toolkit by Common Cause New York With New York Neighbors for American Values

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Research Resources

For a collection of web-accessible resources for researching New York City, State and Federal campaign contributions and additional information: click here.

Please contact Brian Paul , (Research and Policy Coordinator), with any questions, requests, or comments.