Common Cause Vermont

Welcome to Common Cause Vermont


Common Cause Vermont (CCVT) strengthens democracy in our state by advocating for transparent, honest, and accountable government; as well as encouraging citizen participation in the political process.

CCVT will take on important democracy issues in Vermont, including:

  • Money in Politics: Please take a look at our new database of the campaign contributions for the 2010 election. You can see it here.
  • Voting Rights: Election day registration, Instant Runoff Voting and National Popular Vote
  • Government Accountability: public records and open meeting laws, lobbyist and campaign finance disclosures, conflicts of interest laws
  • Independent media
  • Universal broadband internet

CCVT believes that sustainable change comes from an engaged community of citizen advocates for democracy. We are developing a powerful combination of grassroots organizing, public education, media attention, coalition building, research, policy development, and lobbying to win important legislative reforms. And we will have a deep and lasting impact by keeping democracy and government accountability at the forefront of public consciousness.