Common Cause California


Money in Politics

California Common Cause is working for campaign finance reforms that will help bring government back to the people by reducing the influence of wealthy special interests, expanding public funding of campaigns and encouraging campaigns to seek funding from a broader base of small contributors.

Ballot Initiative Reform

California Common Cause brought together a broad group of organizations that use and are directly impacted by the initiative process to identify problems and make recommendations for improvement. The resulting legislation is SB 1253, the Ballot Measure Transparency Act, which gives voters more accessible information about who is behind each initiative, ensures that Voter Guides are easily understood, and corrects legal flaws before an initiative appears on the ballot.

Media Reform

California Common Cause has a long history of working on media reform issues beginning in 2002 when we worked with the Alliance for Better Campaigns to build public support for giving election candidates Free Air Time. CCC has since educated our members and encouraged them to make calls and send letters to safeguard net neutrality, support the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, oppose media concentration, and support PEG stations.

Redistricting Reform

California Common Cause believes that neighborhoods and communities are best represented when their needs can be addressed by single representatives. CCC has worked hard to reform redistricting in California and have been aggressively promoting Proposition 11.

Voting Rights and Registration

California Common Cause believes that the most fundamental right granted to a citizen of our democracy is the right to vote and have that vote counted. While much has been done to improve voting rights in recent decades, significant barriers remain for lawful citizens wishing to register, vote for the candidate of their choice, and ensure their votes are counted.