Spring 2014 update

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Report on ALEC Legislators and Contributions

updated June 1, 2012: Common Cause releases report, American Exchange Council in Oregon: Campaign Contributions and Legislators. 


Follow 2012 Campaign Contributions

May 2012: Big money, big stakes in Portland Mayoral Race. 


April 2012: Lopsided Fundraising in Portland's City Council Postion 4 Race. 


February 2012: Fundraising in Portland's City Council Postion 1 Race. 


January 2012: Fundraising in Portland's mayoral race. 


2010 Contributions to State Ballot Measures and the Governor's Race

September 2010:  Check out top donors to both sides of the gubernatorial contest that is setting fundraising records. State ballot measure contests are lower profile this year but a summary of fundraising is also available.


Follow Measures 66 and 67 Campaign Contributions

December 2009: This analysis summarizes who paid to put Meaures 66 and 67 on the ballot and tracks campaign contributions to both the Yes and No campaigns in this January 26, 2010 special election.


A Political History of Russ Walker and FreedomWorks

October 2009: This analysis focuses on Russ Walker's state and national political allies, the impact of his ballot measures on Oregon politics and policies, and whether the state or national office of FreedomWorks is calling the shots.


Improving Voter Participation: Oregon Challenges and Opportunities

August 2009: This report discusses a wide range of Oregon-specific options to facilitate voter registration, keep Oregonians accurately registered, make elections meaningful and expand opportunities for providing more information for voters.


Money in Oregon Politics: History, Trends, and Reform

April 2009: This report and its more detailed appendices, indicates that both contributors and candidates in Oregon are stuck in a broken system illustrating the need for comprehensive campaign finance reform.

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