Common Cause Kentucky

Welcome to Common Cause Kentucky.  Here are a few things we have done lately.


1. Presented a brief to the Kentucky Supreme Court regarding the constitutional requirements for a state budget. The high court agreed with our position and invalidated the practice of recent Kentucky governors of writing so-called executive spending plans to fill in the gaps left by gridlock in our state legislature. This means the Kentucky General Assembly must do the job we elected them to do. Gridlock is not acceptable to our state constitution.


2. Distributed a "Pledge Not to Pledge" to candidates for state judgeships. We want our candidates for state judge to be impartial, personally committed to the law itself, and put above partisan politics. One way these candidates can accomplish this goal is by refusing to sign the various pledges that come to them by special interest groups.


3. Researched a cert to the US Supreme Court in cooperation with the Brennan Center on a recent 6th US Circuit Court that invalided several provisions of campaign finance law in Kentucky. Work still in progress.


4. Participated in the Louisville Preview Forum with the Jefferson County League of Women Voters and Louisville Media Reform Working Group.


Join us and make a difference in Kentucky!


Richard Beliles, Chair

Tom Louderback, Treasurer