Who We Are

Common Cause has faced many challenges in its role as a citizens lobby, won important victories, and learned important lessons. We want to share our experiences with groups in parts of the world struggling to strengthen public participation in government, curb the excessive influence of money on government decisions and elections, promote fair and honest ethical standards, and protect the civil rights of all citizens. To realize this goal, the Common Cause Education Fund created Common Cause International in September 2008. It is a technical assistance project intended to share the Common Cause experience and foster international collaboration among government accountability groups.

What We Do

Common Cause is committed to working with advocacy groups in emerging democracies who seek to enhance the role of civil society as an equal partner in the democratic process. We believe our campaign style and organizational model can be helpful for similar groups in other countries to draw from as their civil society evolves.

Contact Us

Common Cause International
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Current Projects

Common Cause International is currently partnering with advocacy groups in a number of countries. The primary ways we are working with these groups involves a brief period of intensive training on campaign strategy and organizational planning followed by a year or more of ongoing consultation and assistance to help groups meet their goals. Below is a brief description of some of the projects we are currently engaged in.

Africa: Common Cause International is engaged in a multi-country project in Africa in conjunction with Sister Cities International. The focus of the project is working with advocates who seek to increase government and private investment in water and sanitation needs.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Common Cause International is working with the Centre for Civic Initiatives in Bosnia-Herzegovina to enhance the organizations ability to involve citizens more directly in their campaigns and enhance their organization’s ability to impact change.

Egypt: Common Cause International is working on a year long project in conjunction with civil society groups in Egypt to assist them in developing strategies to grow their organizations and to influence government actors.

Haiti: Common Cause International has worked in partnership with the National Democratic Institute of Haiti to train advocates to conduct campaigns around redevelopment issues in the north and sanitation issues in the middle of the country.

India: Common Cause International is spending considerable staff time in India collaborating with groups working on a variety of issues. Most of our focus in India is with youth oriented groups and women’s issues.

Mexico: We have three projects in Mexico. We are working with education advocates in partnership with Alternativas y Capacidades (Alternatives and Capacities, a Mexican resource organization) to address transparency issues related to the expenditure of public education funds. We are also working with Alianza Civica (Civic Alliance) a national group which shares many of the same goals as Common Cause in the US. A third project is with advocates of increased government investment in water and sanitation needs in Mexico.

Morocco and Tunisia: Common Cause International is actively engaged in a project to build the capacity of women’s organizations in Morocco and Tunisia.


To see a list of recent public diplomacy efforts, see "Recent News".