Voting brings us together as Americans. Join Common Cause as we work to improve the voting process and fix what's broken about our democracy.


Voting is our civic duty, and it's something we do to show our country and children that we are proud to be American.

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Unfair voting laws are being passed by politicians who are trying to manipulate the system for their own benefit because they don't like what the voters have to say.

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The health of our democracy and our right to vote requires decisive action now to ensure that all Americans can truly participate in our elections.


Bullies at the Ballot Box: Protecting the Freedom to Vote Against Wrongful Challenges and Intimidation:

Common Cause and Demos have analyzed laws in 10 key states governing voter intimidation and organized efforts to block Americans from voting. The report reviews various state’s practices, and provides a set of recommendations for improvement. The report describes the threat posed by groups that are training volunteers to challenge and confront other Americans as they go to the polls. The report shows that clear rules will ensure that eligible Americans can exercise their civic responsibility to vote.

Counting Votes 2012: A State by State Look at Election Preparedness:

It is highly likely that voting systems will fail in multiple places across the country on Election Day. As the technology used for elections has become more complicated, the opportunity for error has substantially increased. This report reviews how prepared each state is to ensure that every eligible voter can vote and that every vote is counted as cast.

Deceptive Election Practices and Voter Intimidation: The Need for Voter Protection:

This 2012 report examines the sufficiency of state and federal laws in protecting voters from deceptive election practices and reccomends a number of ways that existing laws could potentially protect voters and be updated to combat the growing problem of deceptive practices.

Got ID? Helping Americans Get Voter Identification:

Restrictive photo identification laws passed recently in many states could prevent hundreds of thousands of eligible persons from participating in elections. So far, 10 states have passed voter ID legislation; similar legislation has been proposed by state legislatures across the country. Photo ID requirements also impose enormous and unjustified costs on states, and do not serve the goals that are put forward to justify them.