The Massachusetts Gerrymandering

Take a look at some of the worst districts - Legislative and Congressional - that gerrymandering has produced in Massachusetts...



The Loch Ness Monster?  The Sphinx?  A Camel?

No.  It's the Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District!


Pac Man visits Lowell... The 16th Middlesex House District eating the 18th for lunch!   











The Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex State Senate District is strikingly similar to Elbridge Gerry's original gerrymander!

















The design of the 3rd Congressional District is one reason that the southeastern region of the state is covered by three Congressmen who live all the way in metropolitan Boston (homes represented by red dots in the map below).


On the bright side, though, it looks like a nice antique pistol if colored correctly!





The 1st (yellow) and 14 (pink) Bristol Districts in the Massachusetts House of Representatives coil in, out and around each other! 


The town of Mansfield's outer two thirds, in one district, are separated by another smack in the central third! 


OH NO!  Someone's doodle on the map got confused for a district again!  The Senate's Middlesex, Suffolk, and Essex District snakes its way in and out of 7 cities along Boston's north border and covers no more than a sliver of 6 of them. 








Imagine trying to organize an advisory ballot question campaign in this mess!    



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