Money in Politics

Voters First Pledge Campaign


Common Cause and other reform groups are urging all candidates for the U.S. House and Senate in 2008 to sign the “Voters First” pledge to support comprehensive public financing of campaigns.


The goal is simple: to get as many candidates as possible to make a public commitment to supporting public financing, so that in 2009 we will have a Congress better able to act to limit the role of big money in politics.


The Voters First Pledge


If elected, I pledge to make elections fair by supporting legislation to create a system of public financing for qualified candidates who agree to strict spending limits and to take only small donations.




Please ask the candidates in your district or state to sign the pledge!


Ask them in person, or check out this printable flyer featuring Jack Abramoff, which you can send to any candidate, especially those who ask for money. It's a fun and direct way to send the message that public financing is a critical change.


For more information, including a downloadable version of the pledge, please visit  The site will soon list the signers of the pledge in 2008, as well as those who signed in 2006 as supporters of public financing.


And if you get a candidate to sign, please let us know at: votersfirst (at)