Common Cause Pennsylvania

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Do you sometimes feel:

• As if this isn't your government anymore?

• That your vote just doesn't count?

• That your voice isn't heard?

• That big money and lobbyists really control the government?


You are not alone! Don't give up! Join us.


Common Cause has been working on those very issues, and a lot more, for over thirty years.

Help us restore open, honest, and accountable government.


We work for Pennsylvanians
Common Cause/Pennsylvania is a non-profit, non-partisan citizens' lobby organization. We believe that by banding together, citizens can make a difference. We throw a spotlight on issues that affect all Pennsylvanians. We work to strengthen public participation and to ensure that the political process serve the public interest, rather than the special interest. 


Contact Common Cause/Pennsylvania Executive Director Barry Kauffman at or (717) 232-9951.