Ten Steps Lawmakers Can Take to Reform Albany

STEP 1: Redistricting.  Support the creation of an independent redistricting commission based on the state of Iowa's successful model.


STEP 2: Campaign Finance.  The Senate should support the Governor's campaign finance legislation and go to conference committee with the Assembly.


STEP 3: Public Authorities.  The Governor should convene a "summit" on public authorities reform.


STEP 4: Elections.  The legislature should re-activate the HAVA conference committee and pass legislation to implement HAVA early in the 2005 session.


STEP 5: Freedom of Information.  The Governor should issue an executive order to modernize the state's Freedom of Information Law by requiring "FOIL-able" documents to be available via the Internet.


STEP 6: Ethics.  The Governor and legislators should agree to ban gifts from lobbyists and create an independent ethics commission.


STEP 7: Budget.  The Governor should approve budget reform legislation and work to strengthen it in 2005.


STEP 8: Legislative Rules.  Publicly support legislative rules reform.


STEP 9: Lobbying.  The Governor should drop his opposition to meaningful lobbying reforms and the Senate should begin a conference committee on the issue.


STEP 10: Constitutional Convention.  Support change to the selection process for constitutional convention delegates.


These steps toward reform are endorsed by:

Citizen's Union
Common Cause/NY
League of Women Voters/NYS
New York Public Interest Research Group