Common Cause California

Hard Work Paid Off

Throughout this election season, California Common Cause urged active members like you to vote in support of reforms and increased accountability. We are so proud that your advocacy and votes have helped us win victories across the state:

Proposition 40: Referendum on upholding Citizens Redistricting Commission Senate Maps - Passed!
Proposition 32: Proposition to ban union paycheck deduction - Defeated!

Measure R (Berkeley): Measure to amend the charter to adopt redistricting changes - Passed!
Measure P (Richmond): Resolution to overturn Citizens United - Passed!
Proposition G (San Francisco): Resolution to overturn Citizens United - Passed!
Measure O (Long Beach): Measure to synchronize the city election date with federal elections - Failed

We also achieved a significant victory for campaign finance disclosure by revealing the true identity behind the anonymous $11 million contribution from an Arizona non-profit that refused to show its backers. We now know groups connected to Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers were responsible for funneling money into our state. State enforcement agencies are now determining whether civil or criminal penalties should be pursued in this money laundering scheme. For more information on this case, visit the website we created to keep you up to date on this issue:

We did fall short on one issue - Measure O (Long Beach), to synchronize the city election date with federal elections. The outcome was disappointing, but we respect the voters' decision.

Thank You!
Whether it is fighting for redistricting reforms, or getting special interest money out of our elections, none of these goals would have been possible without the efforts of our remarkable members. It is because of your advocacy, donations and countless volunteer hours to these campaigns that ensured our overall success.