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Tell the Speaker to tame the gerrymander!

Ohio voters sent a loud message on Election Day! More than 71% of Ohio voters supported a new bipartisan system to draw state legislative district lines. Issue 1 tackled gerrymandering at the Statehouse and won in ALL 88 counties.


Plunderbund Podcast: What Is The Kasich Administration Hiding?

May 13, 2016

Catherine Turcer, Policy Analyst for Common Cause Ohio, joined the Plunderbund Podcast this week. They discuss open records law in Ohio, including a new reform proposal and recent Ohio Supreme Court decisions that make some law enforcement records easier to access.


Ohio Partisan Fairness Standard Would Be First In U.S. for Congress

August 9, 2017; Blog Post

Ohio has the opportunity to lead the way again and improve democracy by mandating partisan fairness in the drawing of congressional districts. Only 11 states explicitly prohibit partisan gerrymandering or have some protection against drawing districts for political advantage.

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Press Releases

Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio Kickoff

June 1, 2017

Today at the Ohio Statehouse, the Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio Campaign Committee announced an official kickoff to the signature collection drive to put the issue on the ballot.

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Research & Reports


December 10, 2011

A faction of the natural gas industry has invested more than $747 million as part of a 10 - year lobbying and political spending campaign to persuade federal authorities to ignore the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," a rapidly expanding but poorly regulated method of tapping gas reserves

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Common Cause Ohio works on a variety of issues.


Catherine Turcer

Policy Analyst, Common Cause Ohio, State Staff

Catherine Turcer is the policy analyst for Common Cause Ohio. An expert on redistricting reform and state level campaign finance, Catherine advocates for greater transparency and more accountable government.

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