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Help establish fair voting maps in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin’s current redistricting system, whichever party controls the legislature also has the power draw our state's voting maps. In 2011, this process resulted in “gerrymandered" congressional and state legislative districts that suppress competition in elections and deprive voters of the right to choose their representatives.


Gill v. Whitford Partisan Gerrymandering Case

September 6, 2017; Blog Post

Common Cause has worked closely with the Campaign Legal Center, who is litigating the case, and the Brennan Center for Justice to organize states, cities, bipartisan current and former elected officials, academics, civil rights, and good government organizations, and others to speak with one voice against the manipulation of legislative districts for political advantage.

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Press Releases

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Landmark Redistricting Case Challenging Partisan Gerrymander

June 19, 2017

The Supreme Court's decision this morning to hear Gill v. Whitford is good news for the millions of Americans currently being denied the right to elect representatives of their choosing thanks to partisan gerrymandering. By upholding the decision of a three-judge federal panel that the Wisconsin State Assembly map legislators approved following the 2010 census is an illegal partisan gerrymander the Court can end the excessive partisan manipulation of district lines across the country. Common Cause v. Rucho, a challenge to North Carolina's congressional map on partisan grounds, is also making its way through the courts and will be heard by a three-judge panel on June 26.

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Common Cause in Wisconsin (CC/WI) is the state’s largest non-profit, non-partisan citizen reform advocacy organization focusing on campaign finance, election and redistricting reform, and other issues concerning the promotion and maintenance of clean, open, and responsive government.

Common Cause in Wisconsin

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Jay Heck

Executive Director, Common Cause in Wisconsin, Common Cause, State Staff

Jay Heck has served as executive director of Common Cause in Wisconsin since 1995.

Sandra Miller

Director of Information Services and Outreach, Common Cause Wisconsin, Common Cause, State Staff

Sandra Miller is Common Cause Wisconsin's director of information services and outreach.

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