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Organization Representing 40 Local Governments in Pennsylvania Demands Redistricting Reform

May 26, 2016; Blog Post

Capital Region Council of Governments (CapCOG) – a council of governments that represents 40 Boroughs, Cities and Townships surrounding Harrisburg – passed a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to end partisan gerrymandering. The CapCOG resolution follows in the footsteps of the Cumberland County, Pittsburgh City Council, and Swarthmore Borough Council resolutions, demanding an end to partisan gerrymandering by way of a constitutional amendment.

Gerrymander Gazette - April 2016

April 29, 2016; Blog Post, Status Update

Welcome to the third edition of the Gerrymander Gazette, Common Cause’s newsletter on redistricting reform efforts around the country.

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Research & Reports

Common Cause Pennsylvania Factsheet: Facts and Evidence Against the Pennsylvania Government?s Illegal Payraise HB-1521 -- Act 44 of 2005

September 23, 2005

A factsheet from Common Cause Pennsylvania concerning an illegal government pay raise. The factsheet begins, 'Article II, Section 1, Legislative Power: In effect, this bill cedes the legislative power of the General Assembly over pay raises to the U.S. Dept. of Labor and the U.S. Congress, by tying legislative salaries to their decisions. This is an unconstitutional delegation of authority.'

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Common Cause Pennsylvania is working to protect voters’ rights and the integrity of Pennsylvania elections by seeking various policies.


Overview of Campaign Contribution Limits

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