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Swing State Voting Report Finds Improvement in Pennsylvania Laws Urges More

October 26, 2016; Press Release, Status Update

Pennsylvania's law allowing voters to register online is an important step toward boosting voter turnout, but the state has more work to do to encourage registration and give voters more options on where they cast their ballots, Common Cause says in a report released today.

Gerrymander Gazette | October 4, 2016

October 4, 2016; Blog Post, Status Update

We have redistricting litigation developments in North Carolina, Virginia, and Illinois in addition to a big prison gerrymandering decision out of Rhode Island. A significant win in California could bring reform to counties and cities across the state and a new campaign in Pennsylvania seeks to get candidates’ views about gerrymandering on the record. Here’s what’s happening around the country.

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Common Cause Pennsylvania works on a variety of issues.

More Democracy Reforms

In addition to the major foundational issues identified in previous sections, Common Cause Pennsylvania regularly engages in other important campaigns that improve the integrity of government and elections.

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