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Letters & Testimony

Letter to New York City Council Members Concerning Power Consolidation in the Speakers Office-2

February 13, 2013

Letter which begins, 'Common Cause/NY and the Human Rights Project at the Urban Justice Center (HRP) have long expressed concern that the centralization of power within the Speaker's office is detrimental to the democratic functioning of the New York City Council. Common Cause/NY works for effective legislative functioning at all levels of government, advocating for best practices and rules that encourage legislators to be effective advocates for creative solutions to the problems we all face as well as for their constituents.'

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Challenges to our democracy: what's next for the media?

December 9, 2016; News Article, Status Update

Please join us for the first of Common Cause/ New York's John Gardner Breakfast Series on the challenges facing our democracy, bringing together leading speakers, thinkers, and elected officials from across the political spectrum to explore solutions and stimulate thought and discussion.

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Overview of Common Cause New York's work to preserve reliable phone service

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