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Finding Wisdom, Inspiration in the Great Southwest

May 12, 2017; Blog Post, Status Update

This is a tough time for democracy reformers in Washington. So I was particularly pleased last week to get away from the national capital for a few days to meet Common Cause activists – and some new recruits – in Arizona and New Mexico.

Arizona Pushes Plan for Constitutional Chaos

March 28, 2017; Blog Post, Status Update

Thanks to the Arizona legislature, we’re getting perilously close to a constitutional disaster. Copper State lawmakers this week made Arizona the 29th state to call for a new constitutional convention to pass an amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced.

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CCNM 2015 Polling

February 3, 2015

Polling done by Common Cause New Mexico on a variety of issues, during 2015 legislative session.

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General Content

2016 New Mexico Candidate Surveys

Common Cause New Mexico asked legislative candidates the tough questions about campaign finance, ethics reform and independent redistricting.


Common Cause New Mexico works on a variety of issues.

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Heather Ferguson

Legislative Director, Common Cause New Mexico, Common Cause , State Staff

Heather Ferguson is the Legislative Director for Common Cause New Mexico

Viki Harrison

Executive Director, Common Cause New Mexico, Common Cause, State Staff

Viki E. Harrison is Common Cause's New Mexico Executive Director.

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