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Gerrymander Gazette - April 2016

April 29, 2016; Blog Post, Status Update

Welcome to the third edition of the Gerrymander Gazette, Common Cause’s newsletter on redistricting reform efforts around the country.

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Press Releases

Research & Reports

Getting Elected in Nebraska

May 14, 2015

Common Cause Nebraska’s report, “Getting Elected in Nebraska,” documents how much money was spent in the 2014 election and what kind of impact that spending had on election results. In a time of increasingly expensive elections, it has become clear that the amount of money a candidate can raise and spend has a substantial impact on their ability to win an election. Nebraska is no exception to this rule.

2014 Lobbying Report

June 25, 2014

How many lobbyists are there and how much do they make? Who hires them and how much do they spend? Can anyone track lobby gifts and entertainment? Do legislators report their gifts? Who spends tax dollars to get more tax dollars? Common Cause Nebraska’s annual lobby report aims to answer these questions and give a candid look at lobbying in Nebraska.

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Facts and figures about money's influence on the Public Services Commission


Common Cause Nebraska works on a variety of issues.

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