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Demand Disclosure! Rally in Boston to #GetMoneyOut

April 2, 2015

This is an April 2nd rally in Boston on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision that is part of a nationwide call for President Obama to issue an executive order requiring disclosure of campaign spending by federal contractors.

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Common Cause Massachusetts Factsheet: Online Voter Registration

June 25, 2013

This Common Cause Massachusetts factsheet reads, in part, 'Online registration would allow citizens to fill out paperless applications over the inter-net, which reduces processing time, cuts costs, decreases errors, and encourages more people to register.'

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General Content

CCMA History

An overview of the history and accomplishments of Common Cause Massachusetts.

Citizen Funded Elections Overview

Citizen Funded Elections are a practical, proven reform that puts voters in control of elections, instead of big political donors. Rather than being forced to rely on special interest donors to pay for their campaigns, candidates have the opportunity to raise small donations from their grassroots base to qualify for public funding, which ends their reliance on special interest campaign cash, replacing their extended influence in government with the broader citizenry's.

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