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Letters & Testimony

Common Cause Maryland Testimony on SB 825; Open Meetings Act - Public Body Definition

March 6, 2013

This Common Cause Maryland testimony begins, 'Common Cause Maryland supports SB 825, which would clarify the Open Meetings Law to explicitly include subcommittees of the standing committees of the General Assembly. It has been a long-standing procedure by both chambers to keep subcommittee meetings open to the public. However, the law itself is silent as to whether subcommittee meetings are considered covered by the act, and an Attorney General opinion last summer has created doubt as to whether the law applies or not.'

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Big Victory in the Fight Against Big Money

June 6, 2017; Blog Post, Status Update

On Monday night, the Howard County (MD) Council voted 4-1 to stand with their constituents and establish the Citizens’ Election Fund.

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Press Releases

Momentum Gains in Stopping a Constitutional Crisis

February 8, 2017

The call to rescind Maryland’s application for a dangerous Article V convention is gaining new momentum and support from legislative leaders, grassroots organizations, and constitutional rights and democracy reform groups.

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Research & Reports

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General Content

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Joanne Antoine

Manager of State Outreach and Engagement, Common Cause Maryland, State Staff

Joanne Antoine is the Manager of State Outreach and Engagement for Common Cause Maryland.

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