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Stop Georgia Gerrymandering!

Georgia voters should choose their own politicians -- not the other way around. But today, party insiders use their control over our state’s broken redistricting process to protect their own power.
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Common Cause Georgia Embarks on a Statewide Gerrymandering Tour

September 8, 2017; Featured Item, Press Release, Status Update

On September 16th, Common Cause Georgia will begin a two month tour around the state focused on the issue of gerrymandering. The tour will offer a brief history of gerrymandering in Georgia, a discussion of current problems with our redistricting process, and a training session for citizens interested in pushing local redistricting reforms.

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Press Releases

Common Cause Georgia Names Sara Henderson its New Executive Director

August 10, 2017

Today, Common Cause announced that Sara Henderson has been named Executive Director of Common Cause Georgia where she has worked as Policy Director since January. Sara brings years of political and grassroots experience to the position and has lived in Georgia for more than three decades.

Georgia Racial Gerrymander Bill Voted Down in Senate

March 31, 2017

Overnight, the Georgia Senate voted down House bill 515, a racial gerrymandering proposal that had been dropped at the end of session on short notice in the House and cleared through committee in minutes without public comment. Common Cause Georgia fought the bill from the outset and urged the Senate to vote it down on the grounds that significant numbers of Black voters would be packed into legislative districts with “safe” seats – thereby diluting their voting power to elect candidates of their choice - in order to move new white voters into Republican legislative districts that were carried by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the presidential election.   

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Research & Reports

Common Cause Georgia Report: Redistricting in Georgia 101

July 6, 2011

A report co-written by Common Cause Georgia reads, in part, 'The Georgia Redistricting Alliance is a coalition of non-profit, non-partisan organizations with the shared goal of ensuring transparency and fairness of the redistricting process in Georgia. Our coalition strives to engage and educate citizens, work in partnership with our elected officials, and submit a fair, balanced map to the Georgia General Assembly.'

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