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Colorado: Host a House Party

We passed Amendment 65 in Colorado in 2012, instructing our members of Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that would allow states, small communities and even Congress itself to put common sense limits on money in politics. But most of the Colorado delegation to Congress has not yet acted on the wishes of Colorado voters. Please help us continue building the movement we need to push for large scale reform for a BIG problem.

Colorado: Join the National Popular Vote Compact

The National Popular Vote Compact would not only ensure that the person who actually got more votes wins the presidency, but it would also let candidates spend time engaging with voters in all 50 states--instead of just a handful of swing states.
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People's Pledge Briefing Call

July 29, 2014

Learn how you can get politicians and candidates to agree to a "People's Pledge" that will limit campaign spending and negative ads by "independent" super PACs and other groups.


Approval Voting

January 8, 2014

HB 1062 would have allowed nonpartisan local elections (like city council) to be conducted using approval voting. Approval voting allows voters to vote for all of the candidates they like, and the top vote getter is elected.

Campaign Finance Contribution Limits

March 21, 2014

HB 1335 allows candidates who are not affiliated with a major political party to raise the same amount in contributions as major party candidates, regardless of whether or not they have a primary election.

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Letters & Testimony

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Citizens United Comes to Colorado

October 17, 2014

Citizens United, yes, that Citizens United has come to Colorado. And they brought their special brand of slimy smear tactics with them. Don't be fooled Colorado!


That's a Wrap! 2017 Legislative Session

May 18, 2017; Blog Post

After four long months, it’s over--the 2017 Colorado legislative session officially came to an end on Wednesday, May 11. Colorado Common Cause staff played a significant role in advancing or defeating several important bills related to voting rights, open records, and campaign finance.

Approval Voting Could Give Coloradans More Options at the Polls

April 26, 2017; Blog Post

Approval voting is an electoral method that allows a voter to cast a vote for as many of the candidates for each office as the voter chooses--as opposed to just one. A new bill would allow cities, towns, counties, school districts, and special districts in Colorado to conduct nonpartisan elections using the approval voting model.

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Press Releases

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Research & Reports

Did We Fix That? 2014 Colorado State Summary

October 23, 2014

Summary of Common Cause's findings regarding the state of Colorado's compliance with recommendations made by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration


November 8, 2013

This Common Cause Colorado Report reads, in part, 'Coloradans overwhelmingly voted in favor of Amendment 65, which directs Colorado's members of Congress and State Legislature to approve a constitutional amendment to allow for campaign contribution and spending limits, one of the few ways Coloradans have to push back against unlimited outside spending. The measure passed statewide with 74% of the vote, and passed in every single county in Colorado.'

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General Content

About Us

All about Colorado Common Cause.

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Caroline Fry

Advocacy & Media Manager, Colorado Common Cause, State Staff

Caroline Fry is the Advocacy & Media Manager at Colorado Common Cause.

Elena Nunez

Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause, Common Cause, State Staff

Elena Nunez is the Executive Director of Colorado Common Cause.

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