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Rural Representation on the Reapportionment Commission

January 13, 2014

HB 1088 would have required that 7 of the 11 members represent counties with populations of 25,000 or less, representing, at a maximum, only 3.3% of the state’s population. The current appointment structure requires that each congressional district be represented, which is a more fair structure since it is based on equal population.

Signature Requirement for Constitutional Initiatives

April 14, 2014

HCR 1002 would have placed a referred measure on the fall ballot to double the number of signatures required for constitutional amendments proposed by initiative process, thereby making the process more difficult for ordinary Coloradans and leaving it in place for the wealthiest interests. The bill also required a geographic distribution of signatures that would have allowed one part of the state to act as gatekeeper when the rest of the state wants to see something on the ballot.

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Approval Voting Could Give Coloradans More Options at the Polls

April 26, 2017; Blog Post

Approval voting is an electoral method that allows a voter to cast a vote for as many of the candidates for each office as the voter chooses--as opposed to just one. A new bill would allow cities, towns, counties, school districts, and special districts in Colorado to conduct nonpartisan elections using the approval voting model.

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